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I was in NYC (first time!!) over the weekend and just had to stop by the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho. I have a love for Bite Beauty products already (as evidenced if you take a peek into my makeup collection) for two main reasons: 1. They're all natural products with food grade ingredients, and 2. it's a Canadian brand! My experience with the Lip Lab was fantastic. Keep reading for more photos of the whole process.

I brought my favourite lipstick with me, a discontinued Chanel shade, that I hoped they could re-create. My Lip Lab technician, Brooklyn, said that he gets more Chanel discontinuations than any other brand. We were on a mission!

He took a small sample of my lipstick and started mixing shades together from the endless supply of lipstick pots in front of us. We got it as close as we could on the 3rd try. The shop was still quiet, so I decided to make a second shade. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect raspberry for a while, and I'm really please with the colour Brooklyn created.

With recipes in place, he got to work cutting out quarters and halves from little lipstick "truffles", and I got to choose a scent for each of my shades. I went with wild berry for one and vanilla for the other (although the mango was also really tempting).

Once the lipstick had been melted and mixed, it was poured into a mould on a cooling plate. 5 minutes later, my frozen lipstick bullets were put into tubes and I was set!

I took some quick swatches once I got home: the 1st shade is my original Chanel, followed by my two Bite shades. Pretty darn close if you ask me!

The Lip Lab is definitely something any lipstick lover should check out if in Soho!


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