DIY Pipe Bookshelves


I finally caved and found a solution for the stack of books that was starting to accumulate on the floor (I swear my books multiply faster than bunnies!). With no more room on my bookcase, and definitely no more room for a new bookcase, I knew I'd have to go for shelves mounted on the wall. I live in a loft, with concrete ceilings and lots of exposed piping, so this project was a perfect fit for my theme. Bonus: it was also inexpensive! Read on for the instructions.

DIY Map Coasters


These coasters are functional, super cute, and a great way to remember your most recent trip once you get home! I started making these about a year ago when I started to do quite a bit of traveling for work. Plus, I also needed some coasters for my place, so you know, best of both worlds. Read on for the instructions.
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