DIY Pipe Bookshelves


I finally caved and found a solution for the stack of books that was starting to accumulate on the floor (I swear my books multiply faster than bunnies!). With no more room on my bookcase, and definitely no more room for a new bookcase, I knew I'd have to go for shelves mounted on the wall. I live in a loft, with concrete ceilings and lots of exposed piping, so this project was a perfect fit for my theme. Bonus: it was also inexpensive! Read on for the instructions.

- industrial metal piping (readily available at the hardware store. I prefer the look of the black piping, but be warned, the special coating makes it really messy. Wear gloves!)
- Screws & wall plugs
- Drill
- Hammer
- Pliers
- Level

Step 1: Before you purchase your piping, think about what kind of design you want. You can get pretty creative with this (case in point here), but I wanted to keep mine fairly simple. Keep in mind what size books you will want to use so you know how far to come out from the wall. Also, if the hardware store doesn't have the exact length pipe you need, you can use a coupler to join to sections together.

Step 2: Assemble your shelves. You want to make sure the connections are snug so they don't fall apart with any loosening over time. You can use pliers to help you out with this.

Step 3: Hold your shelves up against the wall, making sure they're level, and mark off where the screw holes are positioned. This part is totally optional, but I like to make little wells out of painters tape underneath where I'm going to drill. This helps minimize the fallout and dust that you need to clean up.

Step 4: Drill holes into your wall, and hammer in the wall plugs. Not necessary to find wall studs with small shelves like this (the wall plugs are sufficient), but you may want to consider it if you're going for a larger, more complex design. Use your drill to secure each side of the shelf to the wall.

Step 5: Add your books!

And you're done! As long as you have the right tools (and every woman should own these basics anyways), this project is a super easy way to spruce up some empty wall space. Enjoy!



  1. Such a cute idea! I might have to try this - such a great storage solution for condo dwellers life myself :)

    1. I'm glad you like them, and they were so much fun to make! Let me know if you try it out :)

  2. This is incredible! Love your blog!


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