10 Facts About Moi!


Hallelujah it's Friday! For today's post, I decided to share a little more about myself.

1. I work full-time with patients who have ALS (or Lou Gehrig's disease). At times it can be emotionally draining, but I work with such an amazing team, and the patients are such wonderful people. June is ALS awareness month, so feel free to ask me more!

2. I live in Montreal, Canada, in a 100 year old warehouse that's been converted to lofts.

3. I speak French & English fluently, and can speak a little bit of Italian. Mio Italiano e cosi cosi.

4. I own all 10 seasons of Friends. I've watched every episode countless times. I know all the words. Could I BE any more of a fan?

5. My dad was born in the UK and his whole family still lives there, including the brother that was separated at birth. We only met him last year. Crazy huh!

6. I. Love. Cars. Nuff said.

7. Oh, and don't even think of trying to beat me at F1 or Le Mans trivia.

8. Disney's UP! is my favorite movie of all time. I always tear up during those 1st 8 minutes. I also have quite an impressive collection of UP! artwork.

9. I'd like to believe that I'm allergic to green things. I'm not, but sometimes that excuse works for getting out of vegetables.

10. I can wiggle my ears.

Happy Friday!


  1. Really cute post, I love reading these! I had no idea that you worked with patients who have ALS - what an incredible lady you are!
    Love the blog's new look, can't wait to read more :)

  2. Thanks Joelle! And thanks for noticing the re-design. I'm loving the simple and fresh look :)

  3. your blog is really gorgeous, glad i stumbled upon it! looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Thanks Kris! I'm having so much fun with it :)

  4. You like cars??? You may have bumped up to one of my favorite bloggers :)
    The question is if you had all the money in the world, what would you want for an every day car and for a weekend car?
    Every day - Tesla Model S
    Weekend - Aston Martin Vantage (I drove one when I was in Vegas and oooooohhhhh my god)

    1. Haha, such a hard question!
      Every day - this one is tough. I currently drive a Mini Cooper and it's absolutely fab for city life. But I wouldn't mind upgrading to a Cooper S. I also love the Audi TT and the Range Rover Sport.
      Weekend - Hands down the new Jaguar F Type. I've test driven the entire fleet and am so in love. If you're an Aston Martin fan, you need to check them out, because the designer of the Vanquish also did the F Types.


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