DIY Cord Taco


There's nothing I hate more than grabbing my earbuds from my purse, only to find them all tangled up in my wallet and my keys. Next thing you know, I've pulled half the contents out of my purse onto the ground. This is probably how I lost my bus pass. So I decided to make this super quick DIY cord taco this weekend. Read on for full instructions.

- Piece of scrap leather or faux-leather
- Button stud
- Scissors
- Multi-hole punch (not pictured)
- Circular template & pencil

Step 1: Use your template to trace a circle on the rough side of your leather. You can use a larger or smaller template depending on what kind of cord you want to wrangle in. I settled on this teacup for mine.

Step 2: Use your multi-hole punch to make a hole large enough for the base of your button stud. Then, screw the top of your button stud onto the base. Use a small screw driver to make sure it's secure.

Step 3: Punch a hole on the opposite side of your leather circle that is large enough to go over the top of your button stud. Fold your taco in half, and secure with the stud. Depending on the largest sized setting on your punch, you may need to make two overlapping holes. Otherwise, if your leather seems a little stiff at first, pushing it over the stud will get easier with use.

Et voila! Trap those earbuds inside, and neatly tuck everything into your purse. I think I'm going to make another one of these for my spare charger at work.

What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday!


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