The Weekend Edit Vol. 6


Cheers to the weekend!! Out in the country again this weekend for more copious amounts of time in the sun and on the water. Yay! I brought my best friend from uni and her boyfriend with me this weekend and we're just chillin' and enjoying the summer.

A Beautiful Mess released their second app, #partypartyapp, this week and it is awesome. I've been having fun playing around with it and created the gif above (sneak peek of an upcoming Happy Hour post).

I came across this great post this week on blogging and working full time. I'm having tons of fun with the blog, but it can be hard when working full time as life often gets in the way. But what's the fun without some challenges!

And another great post on staying happy while blogging :)

Emily is amazing and she always has such great advice. This post really hit home and I'm keeping it all in mind.

What were your weekend plans?



  1. The girls at 'A Beautiful Mess' can do no wrong! I've been lazy to download the new app, but that adorable gif you created has given me new motivation! Also - love the straw ;)

    1. They've made creating gifs oh so easy and fun :)

  2. great shots! Love that straw and mason jar.

    XO, Gina

  3. Blogging and working full time are surely challenging, but as long as we love it ;)
    Great shots! Now I'm gonna download that app!

    amadea |


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