Amsterdam Photo Diary!


Sadly, I have returned from my whirlwind business trip to Amsterdam. I currently have no idea what time zone I'm in (middle of the Atlantic perhaps?), and the Montreal heat wave isn't helping matters, but it was an amazing trip. Here are a couple of snaps.

First off, let me say that I have never seen so many bicycles in my life. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me there were more people than bicycles in Amsterdam. They even have multi-level bicycles parking lots. Insane!

The city is beautiful, and what I loved most was how you can walk everywhere. In between meetings and work suppers, my colleague and I actually saw a pretty large chunk of the city. Amsterdam is so quaint, and has beautiful architecture. Every building facade is different, which gives it character. Top it off with the canals, and it really does feel like the Venice of the north.

The only thing the Dutch like more than their bicycles is cheese. So. Much. Cheese. I don't think I've ever eaten so much cheese in my life. They even had green cheese, which had pesto in it, which was incredible. I wanted to bring a whole wheel back with me. We also found this great cafe, Cafe de Jaren, around the corner from the floating flower market. I forget how many times we stopped in during the trip to refuel with some Koffie!

I think one of the highlights of the trip was the surprise supper the work portion took us for. We weren't told where the mystery coach was going, and ended up in a windmill village that acts as an open air museum. We had a delicious traditional supper by the river, and it was a wonderful surprise overall.

The other great highlight of the trip was Sunday night. The Netherlands were playing Mexico in elimination round of the World Cup, and a local radio station was hosting an outdoor screening in Museum Square. If you thought Montreal hockey fans were wild, you've never seen 45,000 screaming Dutch football fans..all dressed in orange. Orange everywhere! Even down to the ankle ribbons like the girl pictured above. So we bought ourselves some orange sunglasses and jumped right into the action. We didn't understand a word, but cheered and jumped around with everyone when they scored anyway! One of the best nights ever!

If you follow along on Instagram, many more photos from the trip are there.


  1. Fantastic photos! I've had Amsterdam on my list of 'must-see's for some time now, but it's definitely moved up since seeing this post!

    1. It's a beautiful city! But I think it's more of a destination to tack onto an existing trip, than to devote an entire trip to. There's lots to do and see, but not enough to warrant an entire trip. Wish I had had time to see more of the Dutch countryside!

  2. These are such beautiful shots Kristiana. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam (I am just in love with Europe) so it's definitely on my list of must-sees. Also love that black and white dress you are rocking. So classy and chic!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! Amsterdam is definitely a must-see.

  3. Awesome pictures! I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam! =)

    You have great blog. I'm a blogger too! =)

    amadea |

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I loved my trip to Amsterdam, I went to a cheese tasting and it was amazing. x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I ate so much cheese when I was there! I really like how they just eat it with mustard. Would have liked to go to a cheese tasting. Next time :)


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