The Weekend Edit Vol. 11


What is everyone up to this long weekend? I'm in Toronto, helping my folks set my sister up for University. Seeing her go through this experience is making me reminisce about my own uni days, and also making me wish I had gone away for university as well. But I guess I also wouldn't be where I am today had I gone somewhere else.

Last week was pretty uneventful, other than the post vacation blues, but September is shaping up to be crazy busy. I'm doing lots of reading for work for some upcoming projects, and also have some pretty exciting things planned for this space. Also, my love affair with pumpkin spice lattes has been rekindled (as evidenced with the above photo). I'm in trouble.

In case you missed it, this week I talked about mood boards

Missed the VMAs last weekend? No worries, because the audience cam was way better than the show. And the Emmys were on a Monday, which was weird. But Buzzfeed's got you covered on that too!

I am totally hooked on T Swizzle's new song Shake It Off. Haters can hate, but I love it!

I really liked this article from Buzzfeed on what women wear to work in their office. I'm lucky that there is no strict dress code at work, just unwritten rules, so I still get to play around with my style while keeping it appropriate for the environment.

If you're wondering about what's new in the world of beauty, check out Anna's Swatch and Show video.

Anyone taking advantage of the Labour Day sales??


Wardrobe Restyle - Mood Boards


Hey there! Another Wardrobe Restyle post for you all today. Let's talk about mood boards, shall we?

Mood boards can be incredibly useful tools when looking for fashion inspiration. I like to have a small one on my wall all the time, and switch it up frequently. If you're having trouble defining your personal style, mood boards can help you look for patterns in the things you like. Keep reading for more photos!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 10


I can feel it, we're approaching the final nice days of summer. While I love fall, I'm not quite ready for the summer weather to end. Things will be starting to pick up full swing at work this week, we're sending my sister off to University next weekend, and some of the leaves are trying to start changing colors. Mega sad fad. So I'm keeping this short and sweet as I want to get back out on the lake ASAP!

In case you missed it it this week, I've started a new series on my blog called Wardrobe Restyle. As fall approaches, we're going to be revamping out wardrobes and talking about personal style. Check out the first 2 posts here and here.

My favourite editorial piece this week was from The New Yorker about a woman who finds out the father of her child was a spy. A great read.

I am totally crushing over this dress. Looks so comfy!

Anna and Lily do it again with another great Beauty Chat video.

I'm totally making this cake for my next event!! (I'm always asked to make the cake haha)

And finally, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about the Ice Bucket Challenge by now, but as someone who works with ALS every day I know what a HUGE thing this has been for awareness. I took the challenge earlier this week and made my donation. I encourage my fellow Canadians to donate here. And if you're still skeptical, read this post and try doing some of the things they suggest to simulate living with ALS. Actually, everyone should just read it.

Hope you're all soaking up the last days of summer. What have you been up to this weekend?


Wardrobe Restyle - Defining personal style through style icons


Today we're going to start talking about defining your own personal style, and using style icons as a tool. This is the first post in my Wardrobe Restyle series, so keep reading to learn a little about evaluating your style!

Introducing Wardrobe Restyle!


Hello lovely readers!

I'm back from my [wet, rainy, and cold] vacation with something exciting planned for this space: Project Wardrobe Restyle.

So far, I've only dabbled in fashion-related topics a bit on this blog, but it's definitely something I've wanted to explore further. I figured with fall approaching and the iconic #SeptemberIssues having been released, what better time to start this series.

We're going to be talking about a bunch of things, including:
- Developing personal style
- Evaluating your current wardrobe
- Updating your wardrobe for Fall 2014
- Experimenting with capsule wardrobes, and much more!

My Summer Wardrobe Edit has been one of my most popular posts so far, and it was also one of my favourite to work on. All of your positive feedback has encouraged me to start writing about something that I'm really passionate about. I hope you'll all join in on the discussion.

Stay tuned to this space!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 9


I'm on vacation! Woooo! I'm off from work this week for some much needed R&R, so I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging as well. I'm not doing anything exciting, just spending some time at the cottage, hoping the weather is nice. You can keep up with me on Instagram. I'll be working on a few things for the blog, so stay tuned to this space, and I'll be back next week!

Joy the Baker is my hero as she has created a recipe for...The Single Pancake! Breakfast will forever be changed.

WhoWhatWear laid down some tips for getting the perfect Instagram flat lay (pun totally intended)

This website lets you follow an NYC taxi cab around for an entire day. Mesmerizing!

And for my fellow Canadians, here is why you shouldn't worry about Ebola.

Any vacation plans for the rest of the summer??


The Weekend Edit Vol. 8


Yay! Long weekend! It's a long weekend in the rest of the country, except Quebec, but the hospital gives it as a statutory holiday. So all non-essential departments are closed. Lucky me!

Spending yet another weekend out at the cottage. I really will never get tired of this place and always look forward to coming. It was another busy week (and another one ahead), so some downtime is great. The weather has been a bit funky so far with some rain and constant rumbling off in the distance, but today is so far sunny and hot! Hoping to put our new [to us] Hobie 17 catamaran into the lake today. Time for some serious fun.

Here's a couple things I found on the internet this week.

This image has been circulating around a fair bit. Totally true! Why is it that Pitbull is in like every song these days?!?

Always looking for ways to up my Instagram game, this post was great.

Anna is definitely my biggest enabler, and I totally want EVERYTHING she talks about in this video.

My inner microbiologist strikes again! With the Ebola outbreak in Africa still going on strong, the NY Times re-issued this piece they published during the 2001 outbreak in Uganda. A must read.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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