Introducing Wardrobe Restyle!


Hello lovely readers!

I'm back from my [wet, rainy, and cold] vacation with something exciting planned for this space: Project Wardrobe Restyle.

So far, I've only dabbled in fashion-related topics a bit on this blog, but it's definitely something I've wanted to explore further. I figured with fall approaching and the iconic #SeptemberIssues having been released, what better time to start this series.

We're going to be talking about a bunch of things, including:
- Developing personal style
- Evaluating your current wardrobe
- Updating your wardrobe for Fall 2014
- Experimenting with capsule wardrobes, and much more!

My Summer Wardrobe Edit has been one of my most popular posts so far, and it was also one of my favourite to work on. All of your positive feedback has encouraged me to start writing about something that I'm really passionate about. I hope you'll all join in on the discussion.

Stay tuned to this space!


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