The Weekend Edit Vol. 10


I can feel it, we're approaching the final nice days of summer. While I love fall, I'm not quite ready for the summer weather to end. Things will be starting to pick up full swing at work this week, we're sending my sister off to University next weekend, and some of the leaves are trying to start changing colors. Mega sad fad. So I'm keeping this short and sweet as I want to get back out on the lake ASAP!

In case you missed it it this week, I've started a new series on my blog called Wardrobe Restyle. As fall approaches, we're going to be revamping out wardrobes and talking about personal style. Check out the first 2 posts here and here.

My favourite editorial piece this week was from The New Yorker about a woman who finds out the father of her child was a spy. A great read.

I am totally crushing over this dress. Looks so comfy!

Anna and Lily do it again with another great Beauty Chat video.

I'm totally making this cake for my next event!! (I'm always asked to make the cake haha)

And finally, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about the Ice Bucket Challenge by now, but as someone who works with ALS every day I know what a HUGE thing this has been for awareness. I took the challenge earlier this week and made my donation. I encourage my fellow Canadians to donate here. And if you're still skeptical, read this post and try doing some of the things they suggest to simulate living with ALS. Actually, everyone should just read it.

Hope you're all soaking up the last days of summer. What have you been up to this weekend?


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