Wardrobe Restyle - Defining personal style through style icons


Today we're going to start talking about defining your own personal style, and using style icons as a tool. This is the first post in my Wardrobe Restyle series, so keep reading to learn a little about evaluating your style!

There's a difference between style and fashion: Fashion is constantly changing throughout the years, seasons, and sometimes even by the end of a week. Things go in and out of fashion. It can be volatile. Style is your own to develop and experiment with. You don't have to follow the fashions to have style. Your style can remain the same for years, or slowly evolve over time. People may have similar styles, but ultimately, it's unique to you.

Personal style can be an expression of who you are: your habits, your lifestyle, your creativity. Your style should make you confident, but you should also be comfortable with it. And it doesn't necessarily need a label.

If you have no idea what your personal style is, or are trying to fine tune it, a good place to start is with style icons. Having a style icon doesn't necessarily mean you want to mimic their exact outfits, but more borrow on their essence. Style icons can be celebrities, other bloggers, or even your mother or grandmother.

Pinterest is really useful for projects such as these. Simply search "style icons" in Pinterest and you are flooded with images. Start pinning those you like to your own board and see if patterns appear. My Style Icons board is here.

Once you've gathered some images, start to think about what it is about these people that speaks to you. Audrey Hepburn's classic look. Marion Cotillard's effortless french beauty. Emma Stone's cozy casual looks. Olivia Palermo's playful take on style.

Now you can start to think about themes that you want to incorporate or are already incorporated into your style. Some that come to mind for me are: simple, cozy, effortless chic, functional, minimal, textured, sophisticated. See, you don't have to label your style into one of the categories that magazines often display. It can be a multitude of things.

Who are your style icons? What words describe your style? I'd love to see your Pinterest boards if you decide to play around with it. Link them up below!


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  1. Love this! I definitely have a large army of style icons, and often draw from them to get inspiration for my own wardrobe. Really loving this fashion series!

  2. Audrey <3 truly timeless icons xxx

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