The Weekend Edit Vol. 13


Phew! I don't know about you, but I am totally exhausted after this week. I didn't sleep particularly well, and work was pretty dull this week. And when work is dull, I get bored, and when I get bored, I get tired. On the bright side, I got to catch up with a lot of my friends this week. Had an AMAZING meal at Tuck Shop on Wednesday for my lovely friend's birthday. I love eating at small local restaurants, who emphasize local ingredients.
Moving on to next week! Headed to the airport this evening for a super exciting mini-trip (for me at least) for the next couple days. Stay tuned to Instagram for glimpses into my alter-ego ;). Ok, onto my roundup of cool things I found on the internet this week.

I am so making this tart for my next dinner party! Also on the topic of yummy things, this smoothie looks amazing.

The 13 types of people on Instagram. Hilarious!

Wendy's outfit is perfection.

What would your Fashion Blogger Name be? Apparently mine should be Basic Basil Bae. I'm dying over here!

I have serious closet envy after looking through these fashion blogger closets.

And finally, in case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
Would you wear men's cologne? // My Signature Outfit // My Signature Beauty Look

How was your week??


p.s. Small announcement, if you've been a Bloglovin follower since the beginning (Thank you!!), you may still be following the old account. I switched over to a self-hosted domain a few months ago, and would so appreciate if you followed the new account here. Thanks!


  1. Awe man, I should have gone with 'Foam and Diamonds' as my blog name! Hahaha, loved that page recommendation, I'm still laughing! Where are you going on your mini trip?

    1. Hahaha Foam & Diamonds is awesome! I leave tonight, back Tuesday night. And you leave this week for Italy!!!


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