The Weekend Edit Vol. 14


My ultimate goal for today is to do absolutely nothing. And I mean nothing. I had a whirlwind trip Monday and Tuesday to the middle-of-nowhere New Jersey for annual Jaguar Land Rover training. Came home Wednesday on an absolute low after having driven exquisite 550 hp vehicles the past two days. Onto Thursday and Friday where I was double booked all over the place, back-to-back meetings and conferences and late night suppers. Finally Sunday has arrived and I'm ready to chill out in my PJs all day long. Haven't had too much internet time this week, but here are a couple of things I found.

The one thing I miss about my long hair is being able to do interesting up-dos on those days when I really don't want to fuss with my hair. This post has some cute ideas, and the last one was my fave!

LOVE this video of tips for a better morning. I didn't do any of my quick morning yoga flows this past week and it's hitting me hard. Back at it next week!

Totally crushing on this swimsuit after seeing Anna pack it in her suitcase.

And in case you missed any Love. Loft. Life. posts from this week (it's a wonder anything got posted. Thank goodness for scheduling):
Evaluating Your Wardrobe // Evaluating Your Lifestyle

How was your week?


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