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We're almost done the first part of Wardrobe Restyle (catch the other posts here, here, and here). Now, before you freak out about the title of this post, this is simply a thought experiment to help us further delve into our personal style. Think about all of the items you currently have in your wardrobe, excluding outerwear and accessories like scarves and jewelry. If you could only keep 10 of those items, what would they be? Keep reading to see my 10 most loved items in my wardrobe!

Let's start off with the basic white tee. Dress it up, dress is down, it pretty much goes with everything. I also can't get enough stripes, and you don't want to know how many of these breton striped tops I own. Really, you don't. Both of these pieces are from Popbasic, which is great for adding good quality basic pieces to your wardrobe.

Moving on to button down tops, my chambray shirt is in constant rotation. I layer it over lighter pieces in the summer, and under heavier knits in the winter. In my opinion, Cloth and Stone make the best chambray pieces ever. I like them so much, my favourite white button down shirt is also by them. So soft!

Now for some layering pieces, the black pullover is one of the oldest items in my wardrobe, and definitely the oldest in this post. It's from Lululemon (called the Yin Pullover) from several years ago, and they haven't re-released it as far as I know, but they usually come out with something similar once a season. Its reversible, with grey inside, and it can also be worn as either a boat neck or a V-neck. Another one of my most loved pieces is my Rachel by Rachel Roy black blazer (with a twist!). This particular one is linen, so it's lightweight, and has these sexy lace inserts on the sides and the back. It makes anything look great.

I'm not lying when I say that I own probably about half a dozen black J. Crew pixie pants. They're a thick knit pant and feel like a legging, but the cut and stitching make them look way sleeker. I do NOT look good in "dress pants", so these are pretty much my every day work pants. This colourful pencil skirt is a wildcard in here, but it truly is a favourite. Dress it down with a white tee, or up with the blazer, with heels or flats. Come on, my wardrobe can't be entirely monochrome!

Classic black pumps are such a staple in every woman's wardrobe. While I love a colourful pair of statement heels, there's nothing like always having a killer black pair to fall back on. My favourite pair of flats are my Tieks folding flats. They come on every single trip with me, and the pewter shade make them a little more chic. They're pricey, but oh so worth it for the quality and function.

What items are your favourite in your wardrobe? I'd love to see if you do a similar post!



  1. Love this post Kris! I'm feeling inspired to do a similar one, but it will be difficult to narrow everything down to 10 pieces.

    I'll say it again, I really enjoy this wardrobe series!

    1. Thanks Joelle! You should totally do a similar post. That's the beauty of choosing only 10 items, it really forces you to examine what you can't live without in your wardrobe. :)

  2. I think if I reduced my wardrobe to 10 items, 5/10 would be different pairs of black jeans. Haha! I love other things, too, but I live in black jeans.

    1. Haha, everyone has that one item they live in!!

  3. Really great picks!



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