Wardrobe Restyle - Evaluating Your Lifestyle


Good morning! After doing a mega pre-fall cleanup of our closets, it's time to take a step back from looking directly at our wardrobes, and start looking into ourselves. Deep, I know. If you're ever faced with the statement "I have nothing to wear" in the morning, it may be because your wardrobe isn't reflecting you or your needs. Your wardrobe should reflect your personality, but also your lifestyle. So today, we're going to take a look at our lifestyles and see if our wardrobes compliment that. Keep reading for more!

Step 1: Think about everything you do in a month. Look at your calendar for the past couple of weeks to see what you did, or keep track in your planner for the coming weeks. Try to think about all of your activities in bigger, more general categories.

Step 2: Make a pie chart! Why pie chart? Probably just because I like pie. You could also list out your major categories, but I'm a very visual person. I spend about half of my waking hours working, and the rest of my time is divvied up between being casual, doing yoga/working out, and somewhat fancier events.

Step 3: Keywords that describe each category. List a couple words for each category that makes it personal to you, or gives it some more detail. For example, I don't have a strict dress code at work, but I like to play it up by adding a personal touch. When I'm just doing something casual, my standard uniform is usually jeans + tee, and I like to feel cozy.

Now that you've got a more in-depth look into your lifestyle, take a look at your closet again. If you've got 10 black blazers, but don't need a blazer most days for work, you may be over-representing that section of your wardrobe. Similarly, if you don't have enough variety in your work wardrobe, you may start to get that feeling of "I have nothing to wear". I'm a big fan of thinking how pieces can move across difference categories when I'm shopping, which can give you more options in the long run.

What does your pie chart look like? I hope this exercise was helpful!



  1. Brilliant! I had never thought of doing a pie chart to organize my wardrobe, but it makes so much sense! I'm definitely doing this one

    1. Yeah, it can be a super useful tool, especially if you're in a style rut. And I always like to keep it in mind when I shop and look at ways items can be used across categories :)


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