Wardrobe Restyle - Signature Look


An important part of developing personal style is having a signature look. Something you can always fall back on when you don't know what to wear. It should be comfortable, but also versatile so you can easily switch it up. I seriously can't get enough stripes into my wardrobe, and I'm afraid to admit how many of this exact shirt I own. Keep reading for more photos and full outfit details.

Shirt - Popbasic, Pants - J. Crew, Heels - Michael Kors, Bag - Mackage, Watch - Kate Spade (sold out, similar style), Necklace - J. Crew (old, similar), Jacket - Anthropologie (sold out, similar)

I seriously can't get enough of this bag from Mackage. It's been forcing me to bring only my essentials with me, and it's just so darn cute! I'm also fairly smitten with the watch. Instead of numbers, it looks like a car's spedometer. Adding quirky little accessories to a simple outfit like this can sometimes make all the difference.

I threw my favourite chambray bomber jacket on for the cool evening, but you could easily dress it up with a blazer. I also love wearing this outfit with flats and a cozy cardi when zooming around the airport. Being able to play around with your signature look is key as fashion trends evolve and your style might change.

What's your signature look?



  1. YAY outfit post!! You look gorgeous, and your outfit is perfection - I'm such a sucker for striped anything! I love the shoes too, wish I had the stamina to walk more than a few hours in those beauties. Great post!

    1. Thanks Joelle!! I was so terrified to hit post, but I think it turned out pretty darn good for my first outfit shots :)
      And I totally cheat with the shoes: I go to work in flats, and then switch once I'm there. hehe

  2. I love this! I'm obsessed with stripes as well, currently have on a striped shirt myself :)


    1. Thanks Tiffany! Awesome shirt choice today :)


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