DIY Penny Jug (inspired by Disney's UP!)


I have this adorably cute DIY project for you all today! If you're Canadian, you'll know that the penny was taken out of circulation about 2 years ago. Apparently, the average Canadian has about 600 pennies hoarded away, a fact I now believe it after this project. I had a cookie tin full of pennies that my grandfather had collected by stashing away loose change, and didn't quite know what to do with them. After watching UP! one day (my favourite movie of all time), I thought I'd recreate the change jug Carl and Ellie use in the movie to save up for their trip to Paradise Falls. Keep reading for the full, and incredibly easy, instructions!

- Glass jug (it took me a while to find the perfect one. Check thrift shops and home decor stores regularly)
- Paper
- Sharpie
- Washi tape
- Pennies (a lot of them!)

I used some cute washi tape I had on hand to tape some paper to the jug. I went with the movie and wrote Paradise Falls on mine, but you could put whatever dream destination you've saving up for.

Then the fun begins: fill the jug with coins!

I used pennies for mine because I had a ton of them, but you could also stick all your loose change from your wallet in it. You can actually save up quite a bit of money by just dumping whatever is in your wallet at the end of the week. Perfect for some spending money for your next trip!

I love how this turned out, and it's the perfect addition to the little UP! corner I have going on in my living room. Hope you enjoyed it!


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