#tbt Hawaii Photo Diary


So in case you don't follow me on Instagram, I was on vacation for the last week and half in beautiful Hawaii! Boy is it tough coming back to reality after a trip like that. Here is a little photo diary of my time there.

We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Disney Aulani Resort. I would seriously recommend this resort to anyone. Great location, service, and fantastic beach and pool facilities.

I can't get over the beauty of Hawaii, and the marriage of mountains meet sea. It's breathtaking. We took one day to drive around the island.

Quick stop in Hanauma bay to go snorkeling! I took these underwater shots with my Lifeproof phone case. I kept it on the entire trip to avoid any sand and water ruining it.

Above is a teeny tiny pineapple growing at the Dole Plantation. I seriously had no clue that pineapples didn't grow on trees! I also had the best pineapple juice ever there. So sweet and no acidity.

Surfing is a must while in Hawaii, so I took a lesson at Eisenhower Beach. Perfect spot for small consistent waves.

My favourite spot on the entire island of Oahu was Yokohama beach. It's at the most western tip of the island and had some killer swells. Safe enough to swim and have fun in, just big enough to really pound you into the sand if you get caught in a break (I'm still finding sand in my ears). Mostly locals go to this beach, so it's pretty empty, and you can watch people surfing and kids body boarding.

Sadly, every vacation comes to an end. Aloha is the Hawaiin word for hello, goodbye, and love. So Aloha Hawaii!! Until next time!



  1. Amazing trip Kris, these photos make me want to hop on a plane and head straight to Hawaii!

    1. Do it!! you'd be just in time for big wave season on the North Shore, and the whales are set to arrive in the next couple of weeks!

  2. AmaZing photos Kris :-)


  3. Such Gorgeous Photos!! Looks like an absolute dream!!
    XO Courtney


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