The Weekend Edt Vol. 19


I'm currently writing this post sipping on a homemade eggnog latte, and it's the best feeling in the world! To all the people who are still avoiding the "C-word", I don't care, Christmas is coming!! November is about 30 days too long in my opinion. The days are shorter, it's getting colder, and we start to get snow. What better way to get out of that slump than to think about the upcoming holidays. So I'm going to enjoy my eggnog latte to the max, thank you very much!

In other news, I got back from Hawaii this week. Such an amazing trip, and you can see photos here. More exciting news this week: my sister and I got VIP tickets to see Taylor Swift next summer!! Woot woot! So pumped!

So even though I'm back at crazy work post vacation, this week hasn't been all that bad ;). Here are some of my faves from the internet this week:

The microbiologist in me is following everything Ebola very closely. This is one of the best editorials on the current state of affairs that I've read yet. Must read.

Emma Stone is one of my fave celebrities, and I absolutely love her style. The Gloss round up all the times she's broken fashion rules and it's paid off. My favourites are when she broke rules 4 and 7.

After seeing this lip look on Essie Button, I had to try it out...and I love it!

Anna has done it again and made contouring so simple.

Joelle's mixed print outfit was so on point this week. Love it!

Hope you had a great week!



  1. Homemade eggnog latte sounds amazing!! I am totally embracing Christmas - it is my birthday in a week but after that is done, then the christmas jumper is coming on and the tree going up! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Gotta love a good Christmas jumper :). Happy early birthday Jasmin!

  2. I'm really looking forward to Christmas too this year, it will be my first one in ages without exams! Love your Hawaii photo diary, I'd love to go one day! x

    1. Thanks Philippa! Glad you liked it :). And congrats on having a Christmas without exams this year!! I remember my first one and it was the best feeling ever


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