Brussels Photo Diary


Bonjour! I'm back from Belgium (unfortunately with a cold) and I've got a bit of a photo diary for you today. Brussels was beautiful and what I liked most of all was how walkable it was. Everything was within walking distance and it was easy to explore most of the city in a day. Keep reading for more photos!

Every good trip should start off with some beer and waffles!! I was really excited to try the Belgian Kriek beer, made from cherries, and it was delicious. I didn't do much on the day I arrived other than walk around and just take the city in.

I set out early the next morning with a charged camera and my guidebook in hand!. I started off at the Grande Place, which is the main square. It actually took me a while to find it because it looked so much farther on my map than it actually was. Being December, they had a lovely Christmas tree up in the middle of the square.

Of course, no trip to Brussels is complete without taking a picture of the Mannekin-Pis, the statue of the peeing boy. Apparently he has over 700 costumes, but that day he was in the nude.

Next I headed over to the Comic Strip museum. Belgium is pretty much the birthplace of the modern comic strip, with iconic figures such as Tin Tin and the Smurfs (Les Schtroumphs in French). There are also murals throughout the city, and I managed to catch a few.

Next I headed to the Place du Grand Sablon, a square full of chocolateries. I found the square wasn't that impressive, but that the Place du Petit Sablon was much cuter.

I did stop for the most AMAZING hot chocolate EVER at Whittamer. It tasted like molten chocolate. Their cafe is on the second floor so I did some people watching while enjoying my hot chocolate and macarons. I also picked up some chocolates to bring home at Pierre Marcolini, which is the city's Haute Chocolatier (like Haute Couture but with chocolate). I never knew one could spend so much money on chocolate!

I finished off my day with some Moules et Frites (mussels and fries) which were delicious! The Grande Place is also lovely at night.

This was after all a business trip, so I spent the next 3 days in conference talks and networking. The venue was really cool though in a giant glass square.

The stress set in on my last day there as the talks of the impending labour strike in Belgium got worse and worse. We didn't know whether or not the plane would take off until we were on the runway. In the end, a ton of people re-booked, and I ended up getting an entire row to myself! Score!

Hope you liked the photos!



  1. your post has left me hungry (I mean all that chocolaty goodness) and with extreme wanderlust! such a cool/beautiful place!
    ps. hope you feel better soon!

    1. Haha, Brussels was definitely a very food-centric city! And thanks Naghmeh! Taking it easy again today to try to finally kick this cold out the door.


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