DIY Holiday Garland


I love everything about the holidays, but for some reason I wasn't very inclined to decorate my own space for my first Christmas there last December. I guess cause it's small, I'm away for the first bit of December, and it's just me anyway. But this year I decided to fill it with a bit more festive cheer. I've got a mini tree (seriously, it's drowning in presents it's so small), a wreath that my bestie made for me last year, and I whipped up this DIY garland last week. It's super easy to make, so keep reading for the instructions!

- Bows (of any size)
- Jingle bells
- Embroidery floss the same color as your bows
- Scissors & embroidery needle
- [optional] metallic tie-wraps

There is really just one step to this project: Use your embroidery floss to sew the jingle bells into little loops between your bows! You can use any color bows and also any size. Little clusters of smaller jingle bells would be cute too! My mum was going to toss these red bows that we used to put on our tree so I decided to put them to good use.

Once you decide where you're to secure it, you can decide how. My bows already have gold tie-wraps on them, so I simply cut them off all the middle ones and left one on each end to secure it. You could also make loops of embroidery floss at either end to hang on hooks.

p.s. This project is best completed while enjoying a homemade eggnog latte ;)

Hope you liked this project. A super easy way to inject some festive cheer into your small space!



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