Holiday Outfit #3: Glam!


Only 3 more days until Christmas! I saved the best outfit for last, and this one is by far my favourite. I don't have nearly enough fancy events to have warranted purchasing this dress, but I have no regrets! This is a total glam outfit that can be repeated all year round. Add a red lip and red nails and you've got a fab holiday outfit. Keep reading for more photos and outfit details!

Dress - Anthropologie, Shoes - RED Valentino (similar), Clutch - Kate Spade (similar), Earrings - Maui Divers, Rings - Etsy, Makeup Look

This is going to be my last post before Christmas, so how about a round-up of all of the holiday-themed goodness that's been on this space!

3 different outfit ideas (including today's post)
Sugar plum // Silver + Blue

A DIY garland for some extra decoration & my best tips for planning the perfect Christmas menu!

While this space will be quiet until after the holidays, I'm sure I'll be as addicted to Instagram as ever.



  1. Love this holiday look, the dress is SO worth it! Plus I love the young Kristiana photobombs in the background!

    1. Haha one of the strange things about shooting at my folks'...long-haired Kristiana everywhere!

  2. OMG those shoes are amazing!! Merry Christmas! Now following you xx

    Thrive on Novelty

    1. Thanks Louise! The shoes were such a great bargain find!


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