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Today's En Route Essentials is all about my favourite bags for travel. Yes, that's multiple! As a frequent traveller, I've come to really appreciate how different bags have different functions, and some of them may even surprise you! Keep reading for all the details!

The Duffel:
This is probably your most versatile bag. Big enough for an extended trip, small enough that it's compact and doesn't take up too much room. It could even be packed in a checked suitcase as an emergency bag for those unintentional purchases. My old duffel was seeing better days and was ridiculously heavy, so I recently picked up this bright blue one from Lululemon and love it. It's got multiple compartments on the inside, including a padded laptop sleeve!

Best for: Road trips (it can easily be slung and squished into the trunk), casual trips (beach vacations and cottage getaways), and flights on regional jets (cause it will always fit under the seat in front of you, and you won't have to wait for a gate-checked wheelie to catch your connection).

The Weekender:
By far my favourite bag I own! This is a Kate Spade Saturday Small Weekender, and it's perfection! If you want to see all the stuff this bag fits, check out this post. The shoe compartment is one of its best features. It may seem small on the outside, but I once stretched a 4 day trip out of this baby by rolling my clothes and packing light!

Best for: Weekend trips (duh!), as a carry-on for long-haul flights (especially overseas where you can get away with both a wheelie and then this as your personal item), and casual overnight trips.

The Garment Bag:
This bag from Want Les Essentiels was such a splurge, but it's become a key tool for me. You always see those slick business men walking round the airport with just a briefcase and a garment bag for their suit. One day I thought "Hey! I can do that too!". It's got one external pocket that fits a small toiletry/makeup bag, and 3 interior pockets for folded clothes, accessories, and other bits. The main compartment has this awesome hanger built in that is specially designed for the bag. Any extra bits just get popped in my tote bag. Packing light at it's best with this beauty!

Best for: Overnight business trips (I've extended it's use to a 2 day trip!) and as a companion to a larger carry-on (to actually act as a garment bag and keep a suit or nice dress nice. Hello weekend wedding companion!).

The Spinner:
I never knew how much a spinner made a difference until I got one. Seriously, they're a dream to walk through the airport! This one from Heys is super lightweight, and even expands. It's all about how you pack, and I've done week-and-a-half trips with just this guy. Love this suitcase, but I do have my sights set on either a Tumi or a Rimowa one day!

Best for: Everything else! (basically, anything over 4 days, by plane)

Do you have an arsenal of bags like me? Or do you stick with ole faithful?


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