En Route Essentials - Charging on the go!


Today is the first installment of my En Route Essentials, and I'm talking charging on the go. I'm pretty sure there's always one thing that everyone forgets when they travel. For me, it's my phone charger. I have such a bad habit of forgetting it, that after having to purchase one in the airport in a mad panic, I just keep one in my travel case all the time now. So if you're traveling frequently enough, it may be a good idea to have a second dedicated charger, but I've got some other ideas for you as well... Keep reading for full details!

Meet my Battery Buddy! This little guy has changed the way I travel ever since I got him. Charge him up and he's fully juiced to give your iPhone 5 full charges (although in my testing, I managed to get almost 7 full charges out of him, but not from a completely drained phone). I've ditched the phone charger completely for my last couple of trips. He can also charge two things at once! While I used to pack my phone charger, iPad charger, and camera charger, now I just grab this guy and the cables. Doesn't sound like much, but saves a lot of space.

You'd also be surprised at how many flights still don't have plugs between the seats. So during my 17 hour trek to Hawaii last October, this guy got me through 12 hours of flights and 3 layovers without having to search for a plug once. My Game of Thrones addiction was very much satisfied!

Another little guy to have handy in a mini phone charger. This guy will only give my phone about 75% of a charge, but it's much smaller and lighter than the Battery Buddy. Great for overnight trips, or for long days out sightseeing (which is what I did in Brussels). Bonus: this also has a flashlight on the end, which is always handy to have!

Top off all your charging essentials by keeping cables in check with a cord taco. This is Ground make fantastic quality ones in an array of colors, or you can check out my DIY version here.



  1. Another great post Kris! I always learn so much from your traveling series - now I just need to get myself on a trip to put them to good use!

    1. Thanks Joelle!! You can put this one to use next time you head to the cottage! I haven't brought a charger there in months. My man Battery Buddy comes everywhere with me ;)


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