Lipstick Files Vol. 1


As I'm pretty sure we're all aware by now, I'm a total lipstick addict. And I also have a really bad habit of throwing a lipstick in my bag for the day...and then never taking it out. It's always an embarrassing moment when I realize there's no more room in my purse because there are a dozen lip products in there. To try to help with this problem, I try to keep the lipsticks I'm currently using in this pouch. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go in and time to swap one out! Keep reading to see what lipsticks are currently in rotation!

The constants: some items are always in this bag, for some pretty obvious reasons. I got this cute Bite Beauty mirror with a set from Sephora. It's pint size fits perfectly in the interior pocket. I also always keep a Natural Rimmel Lip Liner and a lip brush (with a cap!) with me. The final product that never seems to leave my side is the Dior Addict Lip Glow. The prefect pink every time!

The lip colors: I currently seem to have a pretty monochromatic lineup in here. Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Tawny is perfect for those days when my lips are seriously lacking moisture, but I want a pinch of color as well. I'm on the final little nub of my Chanel Rouge Allure in Coquette, which was sadly discontinued over a year ago. Luckily, I have as close to a dupe as I can get ready to replace it. Dior Addict Lipstick in Diablotine is a great corally-rose for everyday wear. The final shade, and my newest love, is the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna. This dusty-mauvy-rose is such a unique shade and I'm officially obsessed with the formula (quick hide my wallet!!)

What lip colors are currently in your rotation??



  1. It's been cold lately and since I'm sick, I've been using maybelline baby lips and benefit's Lollibalm a ton! When my lips are more presentable, the bite beauty high pigment lip pencils are quite nice, especially winterberry!

    1. Love the Bite Beauty lip pencils. Definitely my favourite lip product/formula!


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