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I'm pretty sure I was really late to the game with this one. There has been so much hype around Sephora's Formula X Nail Polish, but it kind of fell under my radar. Maybe because I have such a love-hate relationship with nail polish (read more about my nail polish woes here). So when I saw this set in Sephora after the holidays, it seemed like a good enough deal to check it all out. Keep reading to hear my thoughts!

Priced at $77.00, this set is a bargain. You get the entire Formula X system, including the nail cleanser, base coat, top coat, and a polish of your choice (any one of what seems like their thousand colors). You also get a 6-step nail file/buffer, full-size Dry drying spray, full-size Quench To-Go cuticle pen, and 5 Delete To-Go nail polish removing pads.

What are my thoughts?? Not bad! I especially love the nail cleanser and the cuticle pen. I always use hand cream before painting my nails (actually, that is the one thing that would have made this set absolutely perfect: a mini hand cream), and then end up trying to remove it from just my nails so that my polish sticks. The nail cleanser makes this super easy. The cuticle pen is genius! It's like a lip balm for your cuticles. I'm definitely going to take this with me when I travel.

I picked the color Supernatural, which is a pearly greige, but I've already got my eye on another fabulous shade! The only thing I didn't like about this set? The top coat. It wasn't as chip resistant as I would have liked, and I think I'll just stick with my tried-tested-and-true Dior Gel Coat.

Have you tried the Formula X system?? What do you think?



  1. Oh I love Formula X! I too have love & hate relationship with nail polish, but this is one of the good ones! =)

    Amadea |

    1. I'm really smitten with this set, so I'm glad I picked it up!


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