The Weekend Edit Vol. 25


Hey guys, I'm back! I've had the last two weeks off from work (perks of working in academia!) and decided to take a bit of a blogging break at the same time to fully enjoy the holidays.

The holidays were quiet and relaxing this year. My sister was home from school, and we went out to the cottage to celebrate Christmas. We spent most of the holidays just staying in and spending time catching up with friends and family. Not gonna lie though, did get some pretty sweet stuff in the after Christmas sales ;)

The last couple of days have been extremely unplugged for me as my phone spontaneously crashed right before midnight on New Years Eve, and I'm only bringing it in later on today. At first I felt like I had lost a limb (sad, I know), but now it feels kind of nice. Unfortunately, come back to work tomorrow, I'm going to need a working cell phone.

Speaking of New Years, the reaction to Taylor Swift's crop top is hilarious!

ELLE has the round-up of the top 5 selling shades of red lipstick in 2014.

These noodle jars look AMAZING!! Totally making them for lunch next week!

Finally, I know New Year's has come and gone, but I never really talked about resolutions. Hitha posted this great resolutions list and I decided to fill my answers out here.

A bad habit I'm going to break - Answering work emails while lying in bed.
A new skill I'd like to learn - How to draw fashion illustrations/sketches.
A person I hope to be more like - My grandmother. She was a smart, classy, and stylish woman!
A good deed I'm going to do - Do more home visits for my patients who can no longer travel to the clinic. Just to say hi.
A place I'd like to visit - Newfoundland! In September, during the Targa. Because...Cars!
A book I'd like to read - Maybe I'll finally get more than halfway through East of Eden.
A letter I'm going to write - To my Italian professor...without ANY help from Google Translate!
A new food I'm going to try - Indian...Yes, I've never tried Indian food.
I'm going to do better at - eating healthy!

How have you spent your holidays? Any resolutions? Anyone else experience a techno crash at midnight (kind feels like that should have happened in 2000)?



  1. Taylor Swift's crop top got me good!

    Blessings to you and yours in the New Year, Kris! It's gonna be a good one. :)

    Ana at

    1. Happy New Year Ana! Hope 2015 is treating you well so far :)

  2. Come to Toronto and we can eat Indian food together!


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