The Weekend Edit Vol. 27


Ahhhh, I finally have my feet up! My feet have been stuffed into high heels for the last 48 hours (except when I'm sleeping, although my feet remember right away when I wake up) and they are hurting. I've reprised my alter ego as a Jaguar girl for this year's auto show in Montreal. I'll be working 2 jobs for the next week, but hey, I can talk about cars for hours anyways so I consider it as fun ;).

The above shot is from the gala night, otherwise known as daddy-daughter-date-night. I went all out with my Kate Space speedometer watch, dashboard clutch, and race car shoes!! I've been waiting months to wear the complete ensemble!

In my downtime this week, here are a couple of cool things I've found:

I haven't posted an editorial piece in a while, but this one on Sierra Leone's Ebola doctor is great.

I totally want to make some wash tape skyline art for my place!

I've got total wanderlust right now and want to go everywhere in this list.

I'm very very very patiently waiting for Girls Season 4 to be available on iTunes!!

Serious necklace envy from this post on layering delicate necklaces. Apparently I need more delicate necklaces in my life!

In case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
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Hope you've had a lovely weekend!!


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