Glossier Phase 1 Review


What do you do when your favourite beauty-related website launches their own skincare line?? Obsess. When Into the Gloss released their skincare line, Glossier, back in the fall, I knew it would have to be mine. Unfortunately, they don't ship internationally yet (or to Hawaii either, which thwarted my plans to order it there while on vacation), so it took a bit of magic to finally get my hands on it. Flash forward one month after finally opening that sweet soft pink packaging, and I'm ready to give you my thoughts on the range. Keep reading for the full review.

I wanted to try everything they had to offer, so I picked up the Phase 1 Set. First, let's take a moment to admire the packaging. Minimal, simple, with that hint of blush pink. Plus, stickers!!! Any brand that sends you stickers gets bonus points in my book. It's a fun way to customize your Glossier.

The Soothing Face Mis has rosewater, and is the perfect step post-cleansing. It also doesn't mess up your makeup, so it can also act as a midday refresher. Next ump the Priming Moisturizer. I LOVE this moisturizer. It's the star of the show in my opinion. It's hydrating. It's buildable. It's priming. Win, win, win. Finish the face off with some skin tint. This is by no means a foundation, but it does exactly what it says on the bottle: tint. It evens out any redness on my face, but still lets my natural skin shine through.

Finally, the Balm Dotcom. Now, I don't think anything will ever replace my beloved Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, but this is currently giving it a run for it's money. The best part is that this isn't just for lips, but anywhere where dry skin is giving you issues. Cuticles, elbows, or even add a little glow to your cheekbones!

Their moto: Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always. Very appropriate for the Glossier products. Showing off my natural skin in the photo above with just the Glossier Phase 1 Set, some mascara, and some brow powder.

Glossier just released face masks this week, and I'm dying to get my hands on them. Has anyone else tried Glossier. What are your thoughts?


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