Travel Tip - Top 5 Travel Apps


As we become more and more surgically attached to our phones, it's only natural that they become an indispensable tool when we travel. From maps to packing lists, keep reading to see what my favourite apps are when travelling at home and abroad!

1. Instagram: So this isn't really a travel app per se, but it in addition to being my most used daily app, it's also indispensable when I travel. I've started to create my own hashtag for every trip I take (check out #krisgoestoitaly #krisgoestoamsterdam #krisgoestohawaii and #krisgoestobrussels). It's a really fun way to share what I'm up to abroad with friends and family, and also to pull up old memories from a trip.

2. Pack Point: While packing is usually really easy for me, I still like to create a packing list so I don't forget anything. Input where you're going, how long, what reason (business or leisure), and what activities you'll be doing, and it generates a perfect packing list. You can also customize your packing list. I created a "Don't Forget" list (passport, travel docs, etc.) and also a "Reminders" list (take out garbage, turn down heat, etc.) for every trip.

3. Offline Maps: Like the name says, this app has city maps that you can access offline. You can create your own city guide of favourite places or things to check out, or look at other users' city guides. No need to look like a tourist with that paper map!

4. Tripcase: this is a relatively new app for me, and I have yet to explore it's full potential, but I love it already. You can input all of your trip details, from flights to hotel to meetings, and then email your itinerary to family and friends. That way, when I'm travelling abroad and can't text, my parents will know my flight has landed.

5. Duolingo: This is more than just a language learning app, it's also really fun. I keep up on my italian by playing with this app for a couple minutes every day :)

What are your favourite apps for travel?? I'm always looking to add more to my favourites!



  1. LOVE this post, it's so helpful! I'm definitely going to be downloading all of these apps for my next trip!

    1. Yay! So glad you found it helpful!! :)


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