En Route Essentials - This is Ground Mod Mobile


Today's En Route Essential is my This is Ground Mod Mobile. A little bit more about my travel habits: I'm a very organized traveler. I think I get this from my mother, the passport nazi ("Give me your passports! I want to hold all the passports!"). I used to travel with a larger document holder, but recently I've started digitalizing all of my e-tickets, hotel confirmations, etc. prior to departure. So I've downsized to the Mod Mobile, and it's perfect! Keep reading for more photos!

The Mod Mobile is the perfect size to hold all of my essentials. The first section holds a lip balm, coins + hair elastic, business cards, a pen, and my earbuds.

On the reverse side of the flap, I have a spot to secure my passport, and I also slip a small notebook in the opening. Any receipts that I accumulate while on the go either get tucked into the front outside pocket, or in the notebook slit.

The pocket on the back cover is meant to hold your phone (with a well-thought hole for your earbud cord to go through), but when it's not holding my phone, I slip in my slim Kate Spade card case that I use when traveling.

Let's not forget an adorable little Cord Taco to wrangle in any cords when not in use!

I've loved my Mod Mobile ever since I received it (I took the plunge during their Black Friday sale last year). The craftsmanship is remarkable, and all of This is Ground's products are handmade in LA. You can read more about their story here. I've already for my eye on the Bank Insert to switch things up occasionally.



  1. This is awesome!! Expensive but I can see myself being so thankful everytime using it! Have you seen this carry on bag? I'm so lusting after it but they only ship to the states :(

    1. I've had my eye on Lo & Sons products for a while, but so sad that they don't ship to the US :(

  2. What made you decide on the mod mobile over the mod tablet? I have been eyeing this for months, if not longer, but have yet to pull the trigger.

    1. Hi Arjunn! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Been traveling heavily for the past 2 weeks.

      I decided to go with the Mod Mobile for a couple of reasons:
      1) I have 2G iPad, and I don't think it would fit in the Mod for iPad
      2) Budget (I got my Mod Mobile on the Black Friday sale so it was even cheaper)
      3) I preferred the smaller size of the Mod Mobile for what I would be using it for. I considered the iPad Mini Mod, even though I don't have the Mini, but ultimately the Mod Mobile is perfectly sized. I use it primarily as a travel wallet to organize all my stuff on the go. It easily fits into my purse, and I love the palm site. Easy to carry through the airport, throw into the front seat pocket, and even use as a clutch while traveling. It really fits my needs and I don't find myself wanting anything larger (yet)

      Hope that helps!


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