The Weekend Edit Vol. 36


Guys, it isn't getting any warmer around these parts yet. In fact, "spring skiing" yesterday involved -10C with the wind chill and bundling up like it was January. At least it was sunny? I'm not convinced.

I was battling a cold at the beginning of last week, and even a spicy Laksa soup at Satay Brother couldn't help me fight off the sniffles. I eventually lost and succumbed to a couple days of hot water with lemon + honey, and copious amounts of nose blowing. Going to spend the rest of my weekend with giant mugs of tea and some fashion magazines. The bright side? It's only a 4 day work week next week because of Easter! Yay!

If you're being lazy like me today, here are come fun things to check out:

You can always count on Buzzfeed for a good laugh. Watch girls try out Kylie Jenner lips for the first time. The girl in the jean jacket with glasses is my fave.

Such a cute DIY for your sandals/heels for summer!

A little long, but well worth the read: All about procrastination (this perfectly describes me in college).

I'm a big fan of Tamira's blog Lipstick With Some Sunshine, and it recently got a makeover and a name change. Check out the new blog. Love it! And after watching her What's In My Bag Video, I want an Aesop party going on in my handbag too.

The Beauty Department has some great beauty tips for looking your best with a hangover. Get me this face gloss!

I've got a post coming up tomorrow all about Nudestix (sneak peek: they're amazing!), and they just released some "skincare" pencils. These look interesting!

In case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
Lipstick Files Vol. 2 // En Route Essentials - This Is Ground Mod Mobile


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