Beauty Bits Vol. 7


Another month, another roundup of my beauty purchases. There have been so many amazing launches lately, it's been hard to keep track! I managed to pick up a bunch of hits this month (and 1 re-purchase), so keep reading to hear my thoughts.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 40


I'm at the cottage this weekend, and having a really depressed moment. Why? Because clearly Mother Nature is having some issues and has decided that we are not yet done with winter. Yup, it snowed yesterday, the ground is still snow covered, and it isn't very far above zero. The plus side? At least I have an excuse for a roaring fire and a steaming cup of tea!

I have a ton of business-related travel over the next two weeks (which means lots of travel-related content will be up on this space!), so I'm starting to go over my itineraries and packing lists. I'm headed to Ottawa overnight, Toronto for an extended weekend, and finally...San Francisco! My colleague and I have decided to treat ourselves to an extra day in San Fran by going a day early. We have tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon, but other than that, no concrete plans. If you have any recommendations for me, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

So while I get back to my travel guides, I'll leave you with some fun links to check out:

While it really doesn't feel like spring here, I love this DIY floral chandelier!

Caroline has been one of my biggest inspirations for my blog, and now she's moving to Seattle and is taking a hiatus for several months. I'm super excited for her new adventures, but sad that there will be no more Caroline in my daily feed, so her final post is a bit bittersweet.

Starbucks is releasing a s'mores frappuccino. My life is complete.

Joelle put this super cute outfit together featuring a floral bomber, and now I've got my eye on this embroidered one.

Loving this awesome summer time hairdo on Kate Bosworth!

And in case you've missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week, we explored my skin throughout the years, and my current morning + evening routine:
My Skin Story // Morning Skincare Routine // Evening Skincare Routine

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


Evening Skincare Routine


Skincare week continues with my evening routine (if you've missed anything, you can find my skin story here and my morning routine here). There's nothing better at the end of a long day than a great skincare pamper, so why not make that every night! Keep reading for all of the details.

Morning Skincare Routine


Good morning! Time to dive right into skincare, shall we? Other than my morning espresso, a good skincare routine is one of my favourite ways to start a day. It just makes me feel like no matter what kind of day is ahead, at least I know that I did that one thing right. After sharing my skin story with you all, I'm kicking the skincare-themed posts off with my morning routine. Keep reading for all the details!

My Skin Story


My skin and I have had a very strained relationship. If it were a real relationship, I probably would have broken up with my skin years ago. But unfortunately, I'm kind of stuck with it. So if you can't beat the enemy, might as well join them and learn how to live with them! I often get asked (by colleagues, friends, complete strangers!) about what I use as skincare, so I've decided to share an in depth look at my routine all week. First? It might be a good idea to learn about my skin and our history together. So here's my skin story.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 39


Happy Sunday! I've been staying at my parents' house for the last couple days as I'm dog sitting for them. That means lots of time snuggling with the puppy! And also catering to his every need. He's awful needy. Other than the fact that it's a hassle to get to work from their house (i.e. traffic, which I don't normally have to deal with), it's kind of like being on a mini-vacation while staying here. I've been taking advantage of the pseudo-vacay feeling to catch up on some reading and having a Grey's Anatomy marathon.

In other news, I've been scrambling to get a poster presentation finished for an upcoming conference in Toronto...which also means that I'm that much closer to leaving for San Francisco on business! My colleague and I have got tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon, and are contemplating a trip to Alcatraz. If you have any suggestions for San Francisco, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

Have some spare time today? Check out these awesome links:

Some great tips for timeless style.

Game of Thrones is on tonight! This is basically what was going through my mind during last weekend's premiere.

A very comedic look into NYC residents' handbags! Still laughing about this one.

Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Canada! Woohoooo (and also, hide my wallet)! I basically want everything in this tutorial. Any other recommendations?

And in case you haven't been around L.L.L. for the last little while, there are a ton of spring-themed posts up!
Spring Mood Board // 5 fresh nail colours // Bright lipstick shades // Spring Wardrobe Edit

Hope you've had an amazing weekend!


Spring - Wardrobe Edit


I find spring a much more awkward season to transition into than fall. Instead of gradually easing into it, it seems to make the switch from parka to trench coat rather suddenly. But then it fluctuates back into cooler, rainy weather, leaving you wondering what to wear. Layers are definitely a must for spring, but it's also the time to start incorporating some more colourful pieces into your wardrobe. Keep reading to see what I've picked up for the season!

Spring - Bright Lipstick Shades for Spring


With lipstick being my favourite accessory, I'm always eager for spring to arrive so that I can bust out the really bright shades. While I could go on and on and list shade after shade of awesome brights, I've pared it down to three essential shades (+ 1 neutral, cause ya know, a good neutral goes with everything). Keep reading for more photos!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 38


It finally feels like spring in Montreal! I think we have finally left our final cold spell behind, and have nothing but increasingly warmer weather ahead. They're even calling for a whipping 20 degrees tomorrow. #SkirtsWithNoTights

I've mostly been finishing my spring cleaning this weekend, including having the windows open for the first time since the fall. So nice to have some fresh air. I've done a seriously major de-clutter in my place. I never thought I could accumulate so much stuff. I love my space, but I've come to realize that an essential part of small space living is keeping all your possessions in check, and not letting the clutter get out of hand. Also, since my loft is essentially just one big room, I found the cleaning/de-cluttering process more difficult than if I had separate spaces. I can't section off just my office, or just my bedroom...because it's all the same space. Thankfully, it's pretty much done now, just the kitchen and my area rug left to deep clean and I should be set.

I'm going for a walk in a bit to pick up some pie. You should get outside too! But in case you're stuck inside today, here are some fun things from around the internet this week:

By far the funniest thing I saw this week was this video from Buzzfeed. Today's teens reacting to music from the 90s is hilarious. Also, according to one girl, I'm "really old"

The 70s trend is one that I haven't really been able to jump on board with yet. Joelle is helping to change my mind with her adorable floral print dress + faux-fur coat. By the way, it's her birthday today so make sure you show her some love!

I'm still loving matching co-ordinates and I've seriously got my eye on this set from ASOS.

How cute is Emma's home??!? I'm pondering on doing a video home tour as well...

And in case you missed anything on L.L.L. this week, I'm in full on spring edit mode, with more to come this week:
Spring 2015: Mood Board // Spring 2015: 5 fresh nail colours

How are you enjoying your weekend?


Spring - 5 fresh nail colours


While it's calling for a downpour all day today and into tomorrow morning here in Montreal, they're finally announcing warm, sunny weather for this weekend! Hopefully what they say about April showers bringing May flowers is true, because I'm totally ready for it to actually look and feel like spring outside. Until then, I guess I'll have to settle with a fresh manicure. Here are my picks for spring!

Spring - Mood Board


Time for another seasonal edit, and we're kicking things off with a mood board! It is anything but spring-like here in Montreal, but there's always wishful thinking. Let's take a look at what trends I'm looking to incorporate into my wardrobe when the weather eventually gets a little warmer.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 37


Happy Easter! What is everyone up to for the long weekend? I only have to go back to work on Tuesday, so I'm out at the cottage with the fam. After a beautiful day of skiing in the sunshine on Friday, it's once again looking like winter outside, with the sub-zero temps and blowing snowfall. Mother nature really needs to get her act together. I want it to feel like spring!

In case you need some entertaining this weekend, here are a couple links I've rounded up:

April Fools was this week, and I love the prank that the wonderful gals over at A Beautiful Mess pulled off. I would love glitter plants...just saying.

In a day and age when we're surrounded by technology and convenience, it's extremely humbling to read this article about a Russian family who were cut off from civilization for 40 years. A really good read.

There are a lot of "fashion hack" posts out there, but this one actually had a bunch I hadn't heard of before.

So in love with this minimal, glowy makeup look for spring.

Totally crushing over these chambray joggers for spring.

Hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend!

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