Spring - Bright Lipstick Shades for Spring


With lipstick being my favourite accessory, I'm always eager for spring to arrive so that I can bust out the really bright shades. While I could go on and on and list shade after shade of awesome brights, I've pared it down to three essential shades (+ 1 neutral, cause ya know, a good neutral goes with everything). Keep reading for more photos!

As you have probably deduced by now, Bite Beauty is one of my favourite brands for lip products. The quality is amazing, and the shade range is fantastic. However, the true creme de la creme of Bite Beauty is only available at their Lip Lab...until now. Bite Beauty is releasing a Lip Lab Limited Release lipstick the first Wednesday of every month, in their Deluxe Creme formula. Make sure you follow them on Instagram to get sneak peeks of their color inspiration leading up to the release.

While the exact lipsticks above are all sold out at this point, the shade choices have been spot on for spring: A fiery coral, a bright eggplant, and a dragonfruit-inspired fuschia. You can find good dupes for all of these shades in the Maybelline Vivids collection at your local drugstore. Otherwise, check out Temptalia for a great list of dupes for Shade #002 and #003.

As for the neutral, I've been wearing my Butter Cream Lipstick in Heather non-stop. And there's a Butter Cream shade for every skin tone out there.

What are your favourite shades for spring? Has anyone else tried the Lip Lab Limited Releases?


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