The Weekend Edit Vol. 38


It finally feels like spring in Montreal! I think we have finally left our final cold spell behind, and have nothing but increasingly warmer weather ahead. They're even calling for a whipping 20 degrees tomorrow. #SkirtsWithNoTights

I've mostly been finishing my spring cleaning this weekend, including having the windows open for the first time since the fall. So nice to have some fresh air. I've done a seriously major de-clutter in my place. I never thought I could accumulate so much stuff. I love my space, but I've come to realize that an essential part of small space living is keeping all your possessions in check, and not letting the clutter get out of hand. Also, since my loft is essentially just one big room, I found the cleaning/de-cluttering process more difficult than if I had separate spaces. I can't section off just my office, or just my bedroom...because it's all the same space. Thankfully, it's pretty much done now, just the kitchen and my area rug left to deep clean and I should be set.

I'm going for a walk in a bit to pick up some pie. You should get outside too! But in case you're stuck inside today, here are some fun things from around the internet this week:

By far the funniest thing I saw this week was this video from Buzzfeed. Today's teens reacting to music from the 90s is hilarious. Also, according to one girl, I'm "really old"

The 70s trend is one that I haven't really been able to jump on board with yet. Joelle is helping to change my mind with her adorable floral print dress + faux-fur coat. By the way, it's her birthday today so make sure you show her some love!

I'm still loving matching co-ordinates and I've seriously got my eye on this set from ASOS.

How cute is Emma's home??!? I'm pondering on doing a video home tour as well...

And in case you missed anything on L.L.L. this week, I'm in full on spring edit mode, with more to come this week:
Spring 2015: Mood Board // Spring 2015: 5 fresh nail colours

How are you enjoying your weekend?



  1. Yay birthday shoutout!! Thanks so much for mentioning me, and your birthday wishes!

  2. I reeeally need to a big declutter myself! Feel like there is so much I can throw out and so much which can be stored better. I've been loving spring as well - finally went out without a coat the other day! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. The no-coat feeling is one of the best things about spring!

  3. That set from ASOS is simply to die for. Your breakfast looks so yum!
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing! Xo



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