The Weekend Edit Vol. 39


Happy Sunday! I've been staying at my parents' house for the last couple days as I'm dog sitting for them. That means lots of time snuggling with the puppy! And also catering to his every need. He's awful needy. Other than the fact that it's a hassle to get to work from their house (i.e. traffic, which I don't normally have to deal with), it's kind of like being on a mini-vacation while staying here. I've been taking advantage of the pseudo-vacay feeling to catch up on some reading and having a Grey's Anatomy marathon.

In other news, I've been scrambling to get a poster presentation finished for an upcoming conference in Toronto...which also means that I'm that much closer to leaving for San Francisco on business! My colleague and I have got tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon, and are contemplating a trip to Alcatraz. If you have any suggestions for San Francisco, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

Have some spare time today? Check out these awesome links:

Some great tips for timeless style.

Game of Thrones is on tonight! This is basically what was going through my mind during last weekend's premiere.

A very comedic look into NYC residents' handbags! Still laughing about this one.

Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Canada! Woohoooo (and also, hide my wallet)! I basically want everything in this tutorial. Any other recommendations?

And in case you haven't been around L.L.L. for the last little while, there are a ton of spring-themed posts up!
Spring Mood Board // 5 fresh nail colours // Bright lipstick shades // Spring Wardrobe Edit

Hope you've had an amazing weekend!


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