The Weekend Edit Vol. 40


I'm at the cottage this weekend, and having a really depressed moment. Why? Because clearly Mother Nature is having some issues and has decided that we are not yet done with winter. Yup, it snowed yesterday, the ground is still snow covered, and it isn't very far above zero. The plus side? At least I have an excuse for a roaring fire and a steaming cup of tea!

I have a ton of business-related travel over the next two weeks (which means lots of travel-related content will be up on this space!), so I'm starting to go over my itineraries and packing lists. I'm headed to Ottawa overnight, Toronto for an extended weekend, and finally...San Francisco! My colleague and I have decided to treat ourselves to an extra day in San Fran by going a day early. We have tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon, but other than that, no concrete plans. If you have any recommendations for me, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

So while I get back to my travel guides, I'll leave you with some fun links to check out:

While it really doesn't feel like spring here, I love this DIY floral chandelier!

Caroline has been one of my biggest inspirations for my blog, and now she's moving to Seattle and is taking a hiatus for several months. I'm super excited for her new adventures, but sad that there will be no more Caroline in my daily feed, so her final post is a bit bittersweet.

Starbucks is releasing a s'mores frappuccino. My life is complete.

Joelle put this super cute outfit together featuring a floral bomber, and now I've got my eye on this embroidered one.

Loving this awesome summer time hairdo on Kate Bosworth!

And in case you've missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week, we explored my skin throughout the years, and my current morning + evening routine:
My Skin Story // Morning Skincare Routine // Evening Skincare Routine

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!



  1. Yay, glad you liked the floral bomber - I say go for the embroidered one!!

  2. Hi Kris,

    This SF girl enjoys your blog!

    How great that you shall be in San Francisco and have tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon! While you're in North Beach, perhaps pick up picnic goods at Molinari's and enjoy some people watching while picnic-ing in Washington Square Park. Last time we attended BBB, we went to Park Tavern for a stunning meal. Or enjoy one of the many Italian restaurants in the neighborhood. Other fun areas to explore would be the Embarcadero for gorgeous views and the amazing farmer's market at the Ferry Building. Hayes Valley is great for fashion-forward, boutique shops and the Mission District is ground central for night life and tacos. Have fun!

    1. Picnic and the farmer's market sound like lovely ideas! I'm always a big fan of people watching whenever I visit another city. Thanks for the great suggestions! It's always nice to hear suggestions from someone who lives there :)


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