The Weekend Vol. 44


Now it's definitely starting to feel like summer! How was your week? Mine was a work week from hell. It was busy, it was stressful, it was overwhelming. But I shouldn't be complaining because I love what I do. Plus my career is entering a new direction so to speak, while maintaining all the aspects I love. Win-win. Speaking of careers, I've been hooked on the book Leave Your Mark lately (evidence here and here), and you should totally go pick it up. Full post coming soon! Thankfully the week ended in some very much needed drinks on the terrasse of the Sofitel. #TGIF!

Yesterday was...HOT! Phew! It was hot enough to make me think a swim in the lake was a good idea. It definitely cooled me down, but at a mere 12-15 degrees, it was c-c-c-cold! Thankfully I got my AC installed this week. And speaking of my AC unit, thank you to everyone who liked this photo on Instagram, because I won a set of awesome Father's Day inspired cord tacos from This Is Ground for my Dad!

Cooler weather today, so it's shaping up to be a great relaxing day for catching up on reading. If you're looking for some entertainment, here are some links from around the internet:

Love this awesome beauty look to wear to a wedding...or, you know, just every day.

I've had my fair share of flight delay woes. The next time it happens, I can only hope it happens on this pilot's aircraft! Pizza party!

As someone who works in the medical field, I am seeing first hand every day how training young doctors has changed, and not necessarily in a good way. This article is a great read.

Any Game of Thrones fans in the house?? Then I'm sure you've already seen the musical edition. Laughed so hard!

And finally, apparently there are others out there who have been equally as disappointed with J. Crew lately as I. Poor quality, awful sizes, overpriced. I've just been really disappointed with what J. Crew has to offer these days, especially since it's a brand that I once loved! I won't lament for too long, as I feel Victoria has really summed it all up better than I can. Read this great piece (and the original WSJ article here).

And in case you missed anything on L.L.L. this week
San Francisco Photo Diary // Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


New In - Charlotte Tilbury (and coming soon to Canada!)


I've been pining over Charlotte Tilbury's amazing looking range of products since it's launch in the UK. After seeing everyone rave on and on (seriously, I think the Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk is the most talked about product ever), they went to the US, but still no dice in Canada. Luckily, Holt Renfrew is going to start carrying the range next month...but I couldn't wait that long and had an order delivered to my hotel room while I was in San Francisco earlier this month. Worth the hype?? Totally! Keep reading to see more photos, and my thoughts on the products I picked up.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect: The name of this one kills me! But it really is a perfect pinky-nude shade. The real stunner is the packaging on this baby.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk: Definitely worth the hype! This is seriously the best lip liner I have ever used. The colour is a perfect match for my natural lip shade, plus it lasts all day.

Lip Lustre in Blondie: Gloss isn't usually my friend (this takes me back to my long haired days when my hair used to get stuck in sticky gloss), but this one is a great addition to my arsenal. I like to apply just a small amount to the very centre of my lips to add dimension to my pout.

Luxury Palette in the Dolce Vita: That reddish shade (insert heart eye emoji!!)! This is such a great palette for doing anything from a subtle eye look, too a full on glam evening look.

Rock n' Kohl in Barbarella Brown: This is a great matte brown eyeliner. I don't quite get the whole liquid pencil thing, but you still can't deny that it's super easy to work with and has fantastic pigmentation.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow: And last, but most certainly not least, the product I was most excited to try. This palette is seriously amazing! The bronze colour isn't too shimmery, and doesn't lean to orange. I like that it can be used for both bronzing and contouring. The highlight shade needs a light hand, but is oh so beautiful. I've also been using this on my eyes to create a gorgeous bronzy-glowy look.

BTW, how gorgeous does Blake Lively look on the cover of Allure Magazine?!?! Charlotte Tilbury herself did her makeup for the shoot, and I can't wait to recreate that natural, rosy look.


San Francisco Photo Diary


I'm off to a very bad start on this Monday morning (shampoo in my eyes, trying to get dressed/do my hair blind, still hurts. You get the idea), so why not reminisce about my recent trip to San Francisco to cheer me up! It took me a while to download all my photos (I took a lot) and filter them down to some of the best ones for a little photo diary.

Riding the cable car never gets old! The lines are way too long, and it's a very tourist thing, but you absolutely have to do it if you go. Make sure you get a standing spot too, as it just isn't the same when sitting inside.

I try to do something a little different every time I re-visit a city (my last trip to SF was back in 2012), so Alcatraz was a must on my list for this trip. Tons of amazing history there, and I watched both Escape from Alcatrax + The Rock as soon as I got home. It was a little eerie walking through "Broadway", looking at the tiny cells, and listening to the audio guide given by former inmates and guards. I normally hate audio guides, but this one has won awards for a reason.

It was pretty grey while we were over at Alcatraz, so my photos aren't as bright as I'd like them to be, but the views are still stunning! We were lucky the city wasn't blanketed in fog.

I would move into this beautiful blue house in a heartbeat!

And, as always, I captured most of my adventures through Instagram. So go check our some more photos there! (#krisgoestosanfrancisco)

Next up, Chicago! Let me know if you have any recommendations!


The Weekend Edit Vol. 43


Everybody's working for the weekend! This is exactly how I've felt this past week. Even though it was a 4 day work week, it felt even longer than a normal work week. Busy, long hours, lots of projects. I'm thankful for being able to sleep in the last 2 nights. And I should be back to regularly scheduled programming this week!

In other news, 2 more business trips booked for June! Anyone got any recommendations for Chicago?? I'll be there mid-June, right before I take a couple of well-deserved days off. I've also started counting down the days until family vacation in Hawaii. I picked up some beachy pieces and flower crowns (much to my sister's dismay) this week.

While I go back to my daydreaming of Yokohama Beach, I'll leave you with some fun links to check out:

I've only ever returned something to Sephora once (a powder I ordered online, and came shattered), probably mostly because I do my research before purchasing. But this is a pretty interesting list of Sephora's most returned items.

Did anyone else spend a little too much this week looking at Neville Longbottom's magazine shoot photos? Dream boat! J.K. Rowling's reaction is hilarious.

I've also spent too much time watching Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video! Meredith Grey would be even more of a kick ass doctor if she wore that outfit to the hospital.

Love this feature on travel outfits for every occasion.

The most complete guide to doing your brows. Ever.

DKNY PR Girl's top social media pet peeves. I may be guilty of one of those. Whoops!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


The Weekend Edit Vol. 42


Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends! I'm done with the crazy travel schedule for a while, and happy to be at the cottage for the weekend, relaxing. Time to start doing some work on the sailboat, and maybe even venture into a pair of shorts! I am so ready to jump right into summer, with short skirts, BBQs, the rooftop pool...ok, I may be getting ahead of myself just a bit, but the sunshine today is just fuelling my summer lust.

If the weather isn't so nice around your parts this weekend, here are some fun links to check out:

The difference between New York and San Francisco. Quite funny.

Ever wonder how often you really have to wash that knit sweater? This guide should be helpful!

Looking for a bit of a throwback? Put on this playlist to travel back to summer of 2015. Ah, high school.

I'm totally psyched for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video tonight! Until then, her description of a breakup is spot on

Serious top knot envy! Just need my hair to be a wee bit longer

Can't wait to start spending my summer days out on the lake. I've made a naughty order for this swimsuit in anticipation.

Has anyone heard of this shoe brand? These shoes are adorable!

And in case you've missed anything around L.L.L. lately, it's been jam packed with travel posts!
How to pack toiletries // What's in my toiletries bag (Part 1 & Part 2) // Post travel skin detox

What are your weekend plans?



Post Travel Skin Detox - Featuring Glossier Mask Force


If you're a regular around my blog or Instagram, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Glossier, and being Canadian, have to go to some pretty great lengths to get my hands on it. I had gotten my Phase 1 set right before they released the masks, and then kicked myself for not having waited a teeny bit longer. Oh well, better late than never! So this post is part review, part travel tips, because not only do I love a good skin pamper night in general, I think they're even more important while traveling. Keep reading for my thoughts on the Glossier masks, and why they've become a part of my travel routine!

What's in my toiletries bag - Part 2


My last travel toiletries related post is today (see my previous 2 posts here and here), and sharing the contents of my non-liquids bag. Keep reading to see what my essentials are!

What's in my toiletries bag - Part 1


After sharing some of my top tips for packing toiletries, and going on and on about how you need to ditch the plastic baggie for a more structure liquids bag, I've decided to share the contents of mine. Ziploc bags just aren't the right shape/construction to allow for maximizing your space. This clear, quart-sized bag is the perfect alternative. Keep reading to see everything I can jam inside!

Travel Tips - How To Pack Toiletries


Today I'm sharing some of my top tips for packing toiletries! With today's airline restrictions, packing up your toiletries for a trip can be a pretty daunting task. I've streamlined my process down to a near science, and hopefully some of the tricks I've learned will help you too. Keep reading for my travel toiletry tips

The Weekend Edit Vol. 41


I'm on the road again! The traveling tornado continues as I'm in Toronto all weekend, return home for 24 hours, then jet off to San Francisco. For those of you who are new to my blog, you may not know that I do have a day job, and that I work in an ALS clinic. Researchers and clinicians from across Canada have come together in Toronto this weekend to celebrate our accomplishments over the last year, and share ideas for the future.

So I'm off to a ridiculously early breakfast ahead of today's meetings and talks, so I'll leave you with some fun links to check out:

Buzzfeed did a great video on makeup looks throughout the years.

I trimmed my lob a bit short in an effort to grow it out without layers this time. Until then, I look forward to being able to try out these hairstyles with a long bob.

Another Buzzfeed gem: reasons why I want to be friends with the cast of GoT

Very sad to see Eva Chen leaving Lucky Magazine :(

Some great tips on what you don't really need to dry clean, and what you definitely do.

And in case you missed anything on L.L.L. this week:
Beauty Bits Vol. 7 // Travel Capsule Wardrobe - 4 day business trip


p.s. there will be no Weekend Edit next week as I'll be away all week, but keep up with me and my travels via Instagram

Travel Capsule Wardrobe - 4 Day Business Trip (Toronto)


I'm in Toronto for the next 4 days on business, so I thought I would should share what I packed for my trip! Most of these items are pretty typical for business travel for me (and some are some serious repeat offenders). Keep reading to for the details, and follow along on Instagram over the next couple of days to see how I mix and match!
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