Post Travel Skin Detox - Featuring Glossier Mask Force


If you're a regular around my blog or Instagram, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Glossier, and being Canadian, have to go to some pretty great lengths to get my hands on it. I had gotten my Phase 1 set right before they released the masks, and then kicked myself for not having waited a teeny bit longer. Oh well, better late than never! So this post is part review, part travel tips, because not only do I love a good skin pamper night in general, I think they're even more important while traveling. Keep reading for my thoughts on the Glossier masks, and why they've become a part of my travel routine!

I've been on the road for work for the last 2 weeks, and as much as I love how much I get to travel on business, it also takes it toll. My skin is usually the first target, despite how well I try to take care of it while traveling (for travel toiletries tips, see my posts here, here, and here). The first thing I do when I get home from a flight, is immediately take my makeup off, and slather on a face mask. Since I've been traveling so heavily recently, I used this opportunity to test our the Glossier face masks.

The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is the perfect skin detox. It really extracts all the impurities out of your skin, without being too harsh. I love the scent, the cool feel, and the slight tingling sensation as it gets to work. 20 minutes later and my skin is so so smooth.

After detoxing, it's a good idea to restore some balance into your skin, and that's where the Moisturizing Moon Mask comes in. After my 6 hour flight from SFO to Montreal yesterday, my skin soaked almost all of this up and there wasn't much to wash off after a 20 minute mask time. Despite being so hydrating and nourishing, I haven't had any negative reactions in the way of blemishes so far on my oily and acne-prone skin. Thumbs up!

Separate, these two masks are phenomenal, but combined is where their true colours truly shine! This combo is going to become a regular for my tired and dull post-travel skin.

Have you tried these masks? What did you think? What's your favourite facial after a long flight?


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