San Francisco Photo Diary


I'm off to a very bad start on this Monday morning (shampoo in my eyes, trying to get dressed/do my hair blind, still hurts. You get the idea), so why not reminisce about my recent trip to San Francisco to cheer me up! It took me a while to download all my photos (I took a lot) and filter them down to some of the best ones for a little photo diary.

Riding the cable car never gets old! The lines are way too long, and it's a very tourist thing, but you absolutely have to do it if you go. Make sure you get a standing spot too, as it just isn't the same when sitting inside.

I try to do something a little different every time I re-visit a city (my last trip to SF was back in 2012), so Alcatraz was a must on my list for this trip. Tons of amazing history there, and I watched both Escape from Alcatrax + The Rock as soon as I got home. It was a little eerie walking through "Broadway", looking at the tiny cells, and listening to the audio guide given by former inmates and guards. I normally hate audio guides, but this one has won awards for a reason.

It was pretty grey while we were over at Alcatraz, so my photos aren't as bright as I'd like them to be, but the views are still stunning! We were lucky the city wasn't blanketed in fog.

I would move into this beautiful blue house in a heartbeat!

And, as always, I captured most of my adventures through Instagram. So go check our some more photos there! (#krisgoestosanfrancisco)

Next up, Chicago! Let me know if you have any recommendations!



  1. Beautiful photos Kris! Looking forward to our next get-together so you can tell me all about it!

    1. Me too! We need another get together soon!

  2. Love that blue house too! Looks like such a fab trip.

    xx Gabriella

    1. Thanks Gabriella! Isn't that blue house gorgeous?!?


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