The Weekend Edit Vol. 41


I'm on the road again! The traveling tornado continues as I'm in Toronto all weekend, return home for 24 hours, then jet off to San Francisco. For those of you who are new to my blog, you may not know that I do have a day job, and that I work in an ALS clinic. Researchers and clinicians from across Canada have come together in Toronto this weekend to celebrate our accomplishments over the last year, and share ideas for the future.

So I'm off to a ridiculously early breakfast ahead of today's meetings and talks, so I'll leave you with some fun links to check out:

Buzzfeed did a great video on makeup looks throughout the years.

I trimmed my lob a bit short in an effort to grow it out without layers this time. Until then, I look forward to being able to try out these hairstyles with a long bob.

Another Buzzfeed gem: reasons why I want to be friends with the cast of GoT

Very sad to see Eva Chen leaving Lucky Magazine :(

Some great tips on what you don't really need to dry clean, and what you definitely do.

And in case you missed anything on L.L.L. this week:
Beauty Bits Vol. 7 // Travel Capsule Wardrobe - 4 day business trip


p.s. there will be no Weekend Edit next week as I'll be away all week, but keep up with me and my travels via Instagram

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