The Weekend Edit Vol. 42


Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends! I'm done with the crazy travel schedule for a while, and happy to be at the cottage for the weekend, relaxing. Time to start doing some work on the sailboat, and maybe even venture into a pair of shorts! I am so ready to jump right into summer, with short skirts, BBQs, the rooftop pool...ok, I may be getting ahead of myself just a bit, but the sunshine today is just fuelling my summer lust.

If the weather isn't so nice around your parts this weekend, here are some fun links to check out:

The difference between New York and San Francisco. Quite funny.

Ever wonder how often you really have to wash that knit sweater? This guide should be helpful!

Looking for a bit of a throwback? Put on this playlist to travel back to summer of 2015. Ah, high school.

I'm totally psyched for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video tonight! Until then, her description of a breakup is spot on

Serious top knot envy! Just need my hair to be a wee bit longer

Can't wait to start spending my summer days out on the lake. I've made a naughty order for this swimsuit in anticipation.

Has anyone heard of this shoe brand? These shoes are adorable!

And in case you've missed anything around L.L.L. lately, it's been jam packed with travel posts!
How to pack toiletries // What's in my toiletries bag (Part 1 & Part 2) // Post travel skin detox

What are your weekend plans?



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