Travel Capsule Wardrobe - 4 Day Business Trip (Toronto)


I'm in Toronto for the next 4 days on business, so I thought I would should share what I packed for my trip! Most of these items are pretty typical for business travel for me (and some are some serious repeat offenders). Keep reading to for the details, and follow along on Instagram over the next couple of days to see how I mix and match!

Black + white dress - Club Monaco (old, similar), Black dress - Lululemon (old),  Jumpsuit - Lululemon (old)

For business trips, I like to keep things simple with a mostly neutral palette, with pops of colour here and there. I also think about what kind of "activities" will be going on. For this trip, it is all work (ok, mostly) and no play, so no super casual clothes needed. I've essentially got 4 days of meetings and talks to attend, one more formal dinner, and a networking event at a ping pong bar.

First, get my two diverse evenings out of the way. A black + white dress for the cocktail dinner, and a printed floral jumpsuit that can be dressed up for my daytime meetings, then dressed down for the fun at the ping pong bar! The comfy black dress is an awesome sale find from Lululemon last year. It's my favourite for travel where I'm going straight from the plane right into meetings, because it's lightweight, basically feels like loungewear, but looks really sophisticated with it's cut.

Black jeans - Madewell, Skirt - Anthropologie (old, similar)

Next add in bottoms. A simple pair of black jeans are crisp and comfy, and a bright pencil skirt adds some fun to my outfits.

Tee - Everlane (similar), Button-down - Anthropologie (similar), Blazer - Anthropologie, Cardigan - Madewell

For tops, I've packed a simple grey tee, a light blue button-down, a white blazer, and a black cardigan. A pretty neutral palette with lots of options to mix and match. I don't like to be 100% committed to each outfit when I'm packing at home. This way, I can change my mind once on the road. Tee + skirt, button-down + skirt, button-down + pants, tee + pants + get the idea.

Trench - Topshop, Scarf - Lululemon

Outerwear isn't crucial for this trip because I'm indoors all day, so I went with my new favourite Topshop loose trench, and my lightweight pastel scarf from Lululemon. Since I've got a mostly neutral palette, I can easily add the scarf as another layer if the meeting rooms are cold.

Heels - Kate Spade (old, same style), Flats - Free People

I love to switch things up when it comes to my shoes. I'm also apparently known at this particular conference for having standout footwear (I definitely take that as a compliment!). I've packed a pair of punchy turquoise heels and my taupe lace-up flats. I also never leave for the airport without a pair of my trusty Tieks folding flats (not pictured).

Key necklace - TIffany & Co., Earrings - Maui Divers, Dainty Ring - Etsy, Native Ring - Silver Gallery, Watch - Kate Spade (old, similar)

I don't like travelling with jewelry, so I'll usually wear one set, and pack 1-2 extra pieces. In this case, I've packed my Lulu Frost statement signet necklace and matching ring + earrings for the more formal event.

Tote - J. Crew, Purse - 3.1 Phillip Lim

Finally, I wouldn't normally bring a purse to this particular conference (because we're in the same place all the time), but since we do have the one outing to downtown T-dot, I decided to bring along my crossbody mini Pashli. I got away with the carry-on baggage allowance by tucking it in my tote bag for the airport, and then I can use the tote for my meetings on a daily basis.

So that's everything I packed! Well, almost. I didn't picture my unmentionables, pyjamas, or toiletries...but if you're curious about that then *spoiler alert* I've got toiletry-themed posts coming your way next week. Until then, follow along on Instagram to see how I style this travel capsule wardrobe over the weekend!



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