Travel Tips - How To Pack Toiletries


Today I'm sharing some of my top tips for packing toiletries! With today's airline restrictions, packing up your toiletries for a trip can be a pretty daunting task. I've streamlined my process down to a near science, and hopefully some of the tricks I've learned will help you too. Keep reading for my travel toiletry tips

#1. Divide & Conquer! I used to have a gigantic toiletry bag [back in the day when I checked luggage] and then an equally gigantic makeup bag. Now, I prefer to use 3 very small tiny bags and divide into 3 categories: Liquids, Non-liquids, & Makeup.

#2. Ditch the plastic bag, invest in a quality liquids bag. While a 1 quart plastic bag does hold the correct volume allowed for air travel, it is not very convenient for most bottle/jar/tub shapes. Invest in a TSA approved, quart-sized, clear + sturdy bag for your liquids. I was suddenly able to pack so much more after getting my Flight 001 bag.

#3. In general, use bags/cases that stand up on their own. Yes, squishy makeup bags are easier to jam into your suitcase. But how many times have you ended up with shattered makeup or your makeup bag toppling over and falling from the hotel bathroom counter in the middle of the night? *raises hand* Cases that are sturdy and stand up on their own make it easier to see what's inside and be better organized. My liquids bag is linked above, my non-liquids can be found here, and my makeup case is Marc Jacobs and is the best case ever (love the handle!!).

#4. Always pack a mini pharmacy. I never leave home for a trip without bandaids, blister pads, Advil, NyQuil, an alcohol swab, and some sensory therapy. These things are small, take little room, and should always be packed because they can make all the difference.

#5. Stock up on sample sizes. Rarely will I use a sample or 100 point reward from Sephora. I hoard them all and use them for travel. The check out line at Sephora, Kiehl's, and 3floz are other great resources for products in travel-friendly format. Use small sizes from the get-go and you have one less headache as there's no decanting necessary!

#6. Always have your toiletries packed. Now, if you only travel once a year, this may not be my most useful tip for you. But if you're traveling fairly frequently, then having toiletries ready to go at all time eliminates rushing, forgetting something, and overpacking. I have a dedicated toothbrush, makeup brushes, perfume, everything! All packed and ready to go at all times.

#7. Pack travel-friendly makeup. I have a whole post on travel makeup tips that goes more in depth, but to sum it up, packing multi-purpose products, that are cream-based, and don't require tools. Also, invest in a travel duplicate of your favourite-can't-live-without staples.

Above I've shared what's in my travel makeup bag all the time, although things have't changed much.

Here's an idea of some of the extra makeup items I might throw in for a trip: CC Cream + powder foundation duo, Nudestix (read more about why I love them for travel here), pop of colour eyeliner + shadow, current concealer shade, creamy contour + highlight duo, and extra lip colours.

Do you have any other tips to add? Any new ones that you hadn't heard before?

I'll be sharing the contents of my liquids bag and non-liquids bag later this week, so stay tuned for more travel toiletry tips!



  1. YES! This is such a helpful post. I'm ashamed to say that I still travel with my embarrassing zip-lock full of toiletries. I'm definitely going to invest in a proper bag like you suggest!

    1. Yay!! So glad it was helpful. I love this system so much. I cleared out of my hotel room in 10 minute flat today :)

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