What's in my toiletries bag - Part 1


After sharing some of my top tips for packing toiletries, and going on and on about how you need to ditch the plastic baggie for a more structure liquids bag, I've decided to share the contents of mine. Ziploc bags just aren't the right shape/construction to allow for maximizing your space. This clear, quart-sized bag is the perfect alternative. Keep reading to see everything I can jam inside!

While I'm a big fan of using cleansing wipes while on the road, I still pack this teeny tiny bottle of Bioderma for any additional makeup removal or touch ups. Next up: travel-sized cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and eye cream. They're all samples from Kiehl's (they're really great for large sample sizes, and I just refill them as needed. The mini moisturizing tube is actually filled with the Glossier Priming Moisturizer...shhhh, don't tell Kiehl's! I also got this super cute sample of the Philosophy Time in a Bottle for Eyes and will use it until it runs out.

In addition to my regular skincare routine, I like a little extra something when I travel. I pack whatever samples I have in stock, and I usually always have an exfoliator, hydrating mask, and some sort of serum. I also keep a mini spot treatment in my toiletries bag because, ya know, long flights are blemish-brewing machines.

These mini hair care products are my favourite, mostly because they're easily refillable! The essentials for my long bob are a style extender, heat protector, shine serum, hairspray, and volumizer.

Two great multi-tasking products are argan oil and the Caudalie dry oil. Hair, face, skin, they do it all! I always have 2 perfume samples in my case, just in case 1 breaks or runs out. A mini hand cream & lip balm are essential.

My last couple of miscellaneous products are some aroma therapy lotions, fabric refresher, and toothpaste (duh!).

Amazing what you can fit into one tiny plastic bag!


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