Summer - Melt-proof Makeup


Dealing with oily skin on it's own is difficult enough. Add in summer heat, and it's a battle. The key to melt-proof summer makeup is long-lasting, no budge products. I've really been into the no-fuss, simple Nudestix pencils recently (I've raved about them here), and they make up the core of my summer routine lately. Combined with all of the traveling I've been doing lately and they're basically my saviours. Keep reading for all the details and the full look!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 47


A wonderful week is being capped off by a rainy Sunday. Oh well. Gives me the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a book and a steaming cup of tea!

I took some days off earlier this week, so my work week was short and sweet. I spent my time off at the cottage, getting the sailboat rigged and in the water, and took a day trip to Vermont with my folks (hello Ben & Jerry's factory!). It's finally feeling like summer is here, and I'm planning on taking full advantage as our season is so short.

Also had a fun girls night out with Ariane this week. Satay Brothers...typical us. It's so conveniently close (dangerously only a block away from me), and oh so delicious!

This coming week I'm looking forward to a fancy dinner out for a friend's birthday, and also the mid-work week pause that will be Canada Day! What have you been up to?

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere had an exciting announcement this week! I'm so excited for her clothing line!

Vogue has a great piece about the impact that Clueless has had on fashion.

Still on the fashion fix, a rather lengthy piece, but excellent, on how Silicon Valley is trying to fix fashion. I really enjoyed this one.

I can't believe I still haven't seen Jurassic World yet, but I've gotten the [funny] gist of it thanks to the internet. 

The wonderful ladies over at A Beautiful Mess rounded up 12 of their best posts on blogging. A must read if you're a blogger.

And in case you missed anything on Love. Loft. Life. this week:
Summer Wardrobe Edit // Summer Nail Colours // Summer Lipsticks



Summer - Bright Lipstick


If spring wasn't enough of an excuse to wear borderline-neon lip colours, than summer is definitely a reason. Nothing spruces up that little white dress quite like a bold orange lip! Keep reading for my picks: two no-budge bold brights, and two balmy textured brights.

Summer - 5 Hot Nail Colors


Ah summer, the season when it's perfectly ok to lacquer your nails in blindingly bright colours. They're the perfect way to spice up your easy-going, simple summer outfit for that pool party or music festival. Keep reading to see my go-to shades for the sweltering days of summer!

Summer - Wardrobe Edit


For me, summer is all about going back to simple staples and well crafted basics. It's hot, it's humid, and if it's not a work day, then I'm probably in some form of body of water anyways. I don't like to fuss with my wardrobe during the summer months, and prefer to gravitate towards either simple sundresses that you can just toss on, or a combo of simple basics. Keep reading to see what new additions I've made to my wardrobe, and what old faves have resurfaced for the season!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 46


Where in the world is Kristiana? That seems to be a popular question surrounding my life lately. But I love it! I'm totally exhausted, but I can't complain too much about the business trips!

The last 2 weeks have seen me take a quick road trip to Ottawa, 24 hours in Toronto, and Chicago for the last 3 days. The vibe in Chicago post-Staley Cup rally was unnnnnreal!! I also got to stay at the beautiful Loews Hotel, enjoy delicious seafood, and have some drinks with friends at a blues club. Luckily I have the next couple of days off for some serious R&R at the cottage. Fingers crossed that the weather turns around so I can enjoy some lake time!

On another note, today marks the official start of summer, and I've got a bunch of summer-themed posts planned out for the next several days. So stay tuned! And until then, here some fun links to check out:

I've always loved the Fashion Mixology series from the girls over at ABM. I might try this feature out myself one day!

I'm going through serious GoT withdrawal post last Sunday's finale. People who have never seen GoT answering questions about the show is the only thing keeping me going ;)

Loving Cathy's head to toe white out look. Every detail, right down to her nails!

I've always been curious about the Bullet Journal, and after seeing This Fashion Is Mine adapt it to be her own, I may try it out too!

Tips for setting up a mimosa bar for your next brunch!

I've been a long time fan of Merrick's blog, and I loved this post on finding personal style. Seems like we're on the same page about a lot of these tips, and reminds me of my own Wardrobe Restyle series.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


Summer Must Read: Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that my most recent book obsession is Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark. It's followed me on my most recent business trips, and it has been extremely hard to put down. 

Perhaps better known on the social media scene as DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Light dishes out all her best secrets and "Insider Tips" on how to land the job you want, develop + grow in your career path, and be social media savvy.

Now, we all know that blogging is not my day job, and that I'm actually in the medical field. Despite this book being very heavily based on the fashion industry, I found myself relating to it a lot. Aliza herself was on a career path headed to medical school when she decided to instead pursue her love of fashion...who knew that the two worlds were so similar!

My career development has been in the spotlight lately (in a totally good way), and it's had me thinking back on my early career choices, and where I am headed today. This book is as useful for someone who has already established their career goals, as it is for someone trying to land their first internship and get their foot in the door. It's written in an anecdotal and no nonsense fashion, with just the right amount of comedic input to balance out the "Must Dos!".

I also enjoyed that it's well balanced between the career advice and the social media insight. While blogging is a hobby for me, I've gained a new insight in social media and it's potential from the second half of this book. It also kind of appeased some of my insecurities about social media. Sometimes I get a little insecure about my presence on social media and question if people judge me based on it. Anybody else get that? Maybe it's just me. But hey, at the same time, social media has given me outlet for documenting and appreciating the little things in life, and I've also made some new friends along the way (Hey Joelle!)

One might argue that we're so busy snapping photos and editing test that we don't actually experience anything, but I would beg to differ. Pre-social media, do you think I ever contemplated the color of the leaves changing in the fall or a gorgeously prepared dish at a restaurant? The flicker of a candle or the way clouds move across the blue sky? Yeah, no. Say what you want about social media, but it makes those of us who do take in the world in a highly sensitized way.
-Aliza Licht

So if you're looking for a must read this summer, this is it!


The Weekend Edit Vol. 45


Happy weekend everyone! How is everyone enjoying June so far? My opinion is that it isn't hot enough yet! Anyone following along with Grand Prix action in Montreal? I'll be tuning into the race (duh!), but unless I'm actually at the track, best to steer clear of downtown Montreal. Craziness!

Beginning with a whirlwind road trip to Ottawa late last week, I'm entering another round of crazy travel. Dog sitting at a friend's place for the next couple days, 24 hours in Toronto next weekend, then 3 days in Chicago the weekend after. Followed by some much needed R&R at the cottage for several days afterwards.

How is your June shaping up?

If you're looking for some internet perusing today, I've got you covered:

Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet this week, and this piece from Hello Giggles did a great job of summing up the important of it all.

Cute DIY wine glass charms for summer parties!

Charlotte Tilbury has finally launched in Canada!! After my San Francisco haul, I didn't really need to order anything...but I couldn't resist checking out Wonderglow. Can't wait for it to arrive!

Tamira has a great travel series going on right now!

And in case you missed anything from L.L.L. this week:
Wardrobe Restyle - Quality vs. Quantity

What are you up to today? How was your week?


Wardrobe Restyle - Quality vs. Quantity (+ brands I love!)


Another Wardrobe Restyle post! Today I want to talk about quality vs. quantity when making additions to your wardrobe. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, through my style/clothing habits throughout the years shall we? (I'll spare you the awful pictures)

- High School -
This was definitely a period of fast fashion for me, and I tended to purchase cheap, trendy items (who remembers those god awful belts with all the grommet holes in them? Oh, and flare jeans. Ugh!). But this is probably the tendency of most high school students. My style did have a major change towards my final year, as I started working in an accounting firm for the summer. I had to go out and purchase scary things like a blazer and slacks.

- College -
I kept working part-time throughout college, and full-time in the summer, which was great because it meant I had income! I built my "professional" wardrobe, and my sense of style evolved a lot as well. Unfortunately, while I was investing in a work wardrobe, it wasn't necessarily good quality, and most of those items didn't last long before losing their shape or looking drabby.

- University -
Boy oh boy did I backtrack on the fashion front during my uni days! I think I spent the majority of my time in Lululemon sweatpants and sweatshirts, bundled up in the back row of every freezing auditorium. Between a full schedule of classes, and working in a research lab in between and all summer, comfort was key.

- Working Girl -
My sense of style really took hold when I started my job full time. I also started to invest in my wardrobe, and see the value in paying more for items that fit great and would last years. You can read more about my personal style here and here.

- What to look for when adding to your wardrobe? -

Fabric: one of the first things I look at is the type fabric. Is that fab knit piece wool? Or is it an acrylic blend? If it's acrylic, then you probably want to stay away because it will pill easily and won't look as great after a couple washes. I looooove linen, but I have to realize going in that it's a piece that will crease like mad! Crepe is a wonderful fabric for traveling with because it resists wrinkles and has a really nice flowy feel, but it requires extra care when washing. I'm a big fan of chambray everything, but I have to remember that I'll have to iron it after washing it, and is the cut going to make that easy, or drive me insane? Here is a great guide to different fabrics.

Fit: I always, always, always try things on. And if I'm ordering online, I make sure they have a great return policy (Shopbop, Gap, and Madewell all have great return policies). If I question the fit at all, then it's probably not a good buy. Clothes have to make me feel great after all!

- Where to invest in your wardrobe? -

Where do I invest in my wardrobe? That's a good question, and it is probably very personal depending on your lifestyle (read about how to evaluate your wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle here). I tend to spend more money on quality items for my working wardrobe, because that's what I spend most of my time doing. I also tend to spend more on pieces that I know will be great for travel (like my alpaca cape from Cuyana, or crepe dresses that roll up tight and don't wrinkle).

Where to splurge: A great blazer. Quality business dresses. Leather-soled high heels (because you can re-sole them after they wear). Jeans that fit like a glove. A beautiful silk blouse.

Where to save: Trend pieces. Summer clothing. Tees + tanks (inexpensive, but not cheap). Accessories. To & from shoes.

Always be on the lookout for great surprise pieces too. Like the above coat from Topshop! It was a great price, and the quality is fantastic! It's one of my favourite pieces I added to my wardrobe this spring.

- Some brands I love -

Madewell: I think my current favourite brand is Madewell. The quality has been phenomenal lately, and all the pieces I've purchased have had a great fit (save for 2 pullover sweaters from last Fall that have gone a little funky). I've been so disappointed with J. Crew lately that I'm happy to see Madewell stepping up.
Great for: tees, tanks, denim, cardigans, dresses

Club Monaco: It can definitely be somewhat pricey, so always keep an eye on the sale rack. I invest in classic business dresses from here, and have always been satisfied.
Great for: business dresses, cocktail dresses, silk tanks, quality tees

Anthropologie: My go-to brand for different pieces. There is always way too much selection, so I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are more of a classic style and not trendy.
Great for: scarves + accessories

American Eagle: Amazing for inexpensive summer pieces that you know you're going to sweat in and get sunscreen all over.
Great for: sundresses, rompers, shorts

Plus many, many more.

What do you look for in clothing? Where do you invest in your wardrobe? What are some of your favourite go-to brands?


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