Summer - Bright Lipstick


If spring wasn't enough of an excuse to wear borderline-neon lip colours, than summer is definitely a reason. Nothing spruces up that little white dress quite like a bold orange lip! Keep reading for my picks: two no-budge bold brights, and two balmy textured brights.

The Armani Sheer Lipstick in Sheer Pink is probably the easiest and most comfortable bright shade to wear ever. It glides on effortlessly, and eventually wears down to a subtle stain. You never have to worry about migrating lipstick or funny bare patches.

The Chanel Rouge Coco Shines are nothing new, but are a still a fave in my books. Boheme is a great coral-red that moisturizes lips, while packing a punch.

For a long wearing option, Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Zinfandel is my all-time favourite summer pick. Bold orangey-red that lasts and looks phenomenal with a tan.

Finally, while the other shades are long time residents of my collection, I just couldn't resist splurging on this beautiful limited edition Givenchy Le Rouge in Fuchsia Iresistible with couture leather packaging. It's sold out online, but I've seen it in stores still over the past couple of weeks.

What are your favourite lipstick shades for summer?



  1. Bright lipstick is my fave. I'm a pink-addict, so I love MAC's Chatterbox, Candy Yum Yum and Girl About Town! I've heard rave reviews about Bite though, so I'll have to check the brand out. Thanks for this post!
    Randi with an i

    1. Ah Girl About Town! *insert heart eyes emoji*
      You should definitely check out Bite. So creamy. So colourful. So good!


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