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For me, summer is all about going back to simple staples and well crafted basics. It's hot, it's humid, and if it's not a work day, then I'm probably in some form of body of water anyways. I don't like to fuss with my wardrobe during the summer months, and prefer to gravitate towards either simple sundresses that you can just toss on, or a combo of simple basics. Keep reading to see what new additions I've made to my wardrobe, and what old faves have resurfaced for the season!

Slides - Ted Baker, Necklace - Anthropologie (old, similar), Bracelet - Melanie Audrey, Rings - Bing Bang NYC 

Let's talk about these amazing slides first shall we? I'll admit that I was very hesitant about this trend, mostly because it brought back horrible memories of childhood swim class (don't get me wrong, I love to swim, but when they make you do every single level class when you can swim better than most adults is just absurd!). The above pair changed the game as they had 2 things I was dying to add to my wardrobe, snake-print and blush, and look like they will last beyond the trend. Win-win.

I've also been in love with all these dainty rings from Bing Bang lately, paired with more boho pieces I already owned.

Tank - Madewell, Tees - Madewell

If you've looking for great, simple staples this summer head over to Madewell stat! As I mentioned in this post, I've been super impressed with everything I've purchased from there lately, and scored all of these tops on sale! The fabric on these is super soft, and the cut is nice and flowy for the summer heat.

Striped dress - Madewell (old, similar), Mesh skirt - JOA, Maxi skirt - Madewell (sold out, jumpsuit version)

I think the theme of this post is starting to look like my love affair with Madewell. I swear, I didn't do it on purpose, I just love  these pieces! This striped dress is so easy to throw on. It's from last season, and I'm constantly looking for similar ones because I just can't get enough stripes!

This JOA mesh midi skirt is a total trend piece that I still learning how to wear, but am totally in love it. It's the perfect breezy piece that fits right into the athleisure trend. Same goes for the wrap maxi skirt that can take me from work to drinks instantly.

Bucket bag - Old Navy (old, similar), Chambray shirt - Anrhtopologie (old, similar), Scarf - Madewell

One of my favourite parts of doing these seasonal edits (besides being one of my favourite kinds of posts anyways) is that it makes me rediscover old favourites in my closet. This gorgeous, lightweight Madewell scarf (on sale!!) may be a new addition to my wardrobe, but this $25 bucket bag from Old Navy and this super soft, worn in chambray shirt are permanent fixtures.

Looking for more summer style inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board here.



  1. Wow love a simple wardrobe. Mine is getting out of hand so great inspiration to clean it out <3



    1. Simple wardrobes are simply the best for the summer time :)


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