Summer Must Read: Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that my most recent book obsession is Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark. It's followed me on my most recent business trips, and it has been extremely hard to put down. 

Perhaps better known on the social media scene as DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Light dishes out all her best secrets and "Insider Tips" on how to land the job you want, develop + grow in your career path, and be social media savvy.

Now, we all know that blogging is not my day job, and that I'm actually in the medical field. Despite this book being very heavily based on the fashion industry, I found myself relating to it a lot. Aliza herself was on a career path headed to medical school when she decided to instead pursue her love of fashion...who knew that the two worlds were so similar!

My career development has been in the spotlight lately (in a totally good way), and it's had me thinking back on my early career choices, and where I am headed today. This book is as useful for someone who has already established their career goals, as it is for someone trying to land their first internship and get their foot in the door. It's written in an anecdotal and no nonsense fashion, with just the right amount of comedic input to balance out the "Must Dos!".

I also enjoyed that it's well balanced between the career advice and the social media insight. While blogging is a hobby for me, I've gained a new insight in social media and it's potential from the second half of this book. It also kind of appeased some of my insecurities about social media. Sometimes I get a little insecure about my presence on social media and question if people judge me based on it. Anybody else get that? Maybe it's just me. But hey, at the same time, social media has given me outlet for documenting and appreciating the little things in life, and I've also made some new friends along the way (Hey Joelle!)

One might argue that we're so busy snapping photos and editing test that we don't actually experience anything, but I would beg to differ. Pre-social media, do you think I ever contemplated the color of the leaves changing in the fall or a gorgeously prepared dish at a restaurant? The flicker of a candle or the way clouds move across the blue sky? Yeah, no. Say what you want about social media, but it makes those of us who do take in the world in a highly sensitized way.
-Aliza Licht

So if you're looking for a must read this summer, this is it!



  1. Loving this Kris - and I totally get what you mean about being self-conscious on Social Media, I totally had to get over that at first. Glad we met, and are #bloggerbesties! Definitely picking up this book on the way home.

    1. Haha do it! You'll really love it. And I really enjoyed her take on social media, and it's made my feel better about always trying to capture everything on my phone :P

  2. This sounds ideal to me! I'm always interested in career development and social media. Have added this to my to read list! Not sure how I wasn't following you on IG already but I am now!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. How did we miss each other on Insta?!? I'm fixing this ASAP!


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