#WSS30DaysOfTravel - Travel Tips Vol. 1


Hey there! I've got a fun series going on on Instagram where I'm posting a different travel tip every day for the 30 days until I jet off for Hawaii! Posts go up on Instagram at around noon, daily, but I'm also going to be rounding them all up here as well! So here is the round up of travel tips:

1. Most people don't realize that it's absolutely no problem to bring an empty water bottle through security at the airport. Don't over pay for H2O by up after the checkpoint. Some airports, like O'Hare and SFO, have actually installed water bottle stations!

2. Scan all of your travel documents to keep copies on your phone. An app like TinyScan is great for this, or even just your camera! I can't tell you how many times I've needed my passport number and not had it on me...but at least I had the scan! I do this with all my flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and meeting agendas too.

3. Compartmentalize everything! That way everything has its place in your luggage and you're less likely to forget something.

4. You only ever need to pack 3 pairs of shoes. 1) every day shoe, 2) fancy shoe, 3) walking/active shoe. You can apply this to a business trip (cute flats, killer heels, and comfy sneakers), a beach getaway (beach sandals, dinner sandals, and running shoes), and even when going to a colder climate (block-heeled booties, indoor fancy shoe, and flat, weather-proof boots).

5. Always pack a large scarf. Not only is it a scarf (duh!), but it can also play the role of blanket, pillow, beach cover-up, shawl...the possibilities are endless!

6. Stock up on sample sizes for travel toiletries. Sephora 100 point perks, and basically anything in their "Beauty On The Fly' section, are great. That way you don't have to worry about decanting and labelling.




  1. Such great tips Kris, and I'm LOVING this travel series!

    La Petite Noob

    1. Thanks Joelle! It's really fun so far :)

  2. These are such good ideas! I remember reading about the scarf idea a few years ago and thinking it was super strange, but my massive blanket scarf came in handy so many times while I was traveling out of Detroit's record snowstorm and down to Tampa, Fla. These are all super awesome tips!
    Randi with an i

    1. Haha I can't leave for a trip without a scarf, it's just become second nature!

  3. Great tips!! I need to tone it down on the shoe packing. Will try out the 3 shoe rule next getaway!

    xx Gabriella

    1. I must admit that I sometimes break it (like the last time I went on a cruise I definitely had way more), but I stick with it for all of my business trips for sure.


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